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Types of Architectural Millwork

by:Casen Doors     2020-04-19
With so many wood products out there, most consumers aren't sure what is what. Do you need to know? It isn't a bad idea to educate oneself about various wood items in order to get a better understanding about what you want in your own home. This can give you added insight into the world of wood, as well as a kind of know-how when it comes to talking to a professional about what you're looking for. You will be better able to tell them exactly what you want instead of describing it and hoping they will be able to figure it out. You may have heard of the term 'millwork.' Millwork is typically any kind of woodwork that is produced in a mill, often commercially. So, for example, home building can be made easier because the parts are already finished and can simply be installed without any additional work. However, millwork also includes the creation of the lumber pieces typically used in home construction. Your house probably contains millwork in some form or another. The lumber your house is made of may be considered millwork. There is also architectural millwork. You will discover that there are many different types of architectural millwork. Items included in this category can incorporate box beams, crown molding, stair parts, butcher blocks, window casings, door frames, and more. Even within these you will find a wide variety of products to choose from depending upon what the manufacturer creates or how many manufacturers the vendor purchases from. When talking to a vendor about purchasing architectural millwork, you may also discover that they offer custom made architectural millwork. This can be very beneficial if you don't see the mass-produced products you want. People enjoy custom made architectural millwork because it ensures that no one else is likely to have that same piece. Likewise, it may simply be that you need a piece that fits within certain specifications and typical millwork pieces don't fit that area, thus requiring a custom made product. Take some time to look up the pieces you need or talk to a professional about what you are looking for. When you have a better idea of what you need - moulding, specific stair parts, etc. - you will be better able to inform them and get a proper estimate and even a look at some of their current products. It's your home - learn as much about what's inside of it as you can!
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