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The fire rated wood doors series is widely praised by customers. Casen Doors wooden fire rated doors manufacturers focuses on providing a variety of top rated fireproof wooden doors for customers.  Fire rated wood doors are a high-quality product made of good materials and used in a wide range of applications. If you are looking for reliable wooden fire rated doors manufacturers, welcome to contact us.

Firerated wood door like the normal door not only have smooth surface ,beautiful and easy, open and flexible, durable, easy to use, safe and reliable, etc,but also have fire proof .

Firerated wood door have some features as below:

1,  the wooden fire door , fireproof not less than 0.6 hours.Wooden fire door USES flame retardant wood or flame retardant wood products for door frame, door frame, door panel, door leaf fills in non-toxic harmless to human health, energy conservation and environmental protection of fire insulation material, and matches by fire of hardware accessories (and) fire glass, can meet certain fire endurance.

2, sound insulation effect is better ,they have good sound insulation effect, sound insulation indicators RW 23 db or class c products.

3, firerated wood door  have all wooden door adornment characteristic.Wooden fire door into the board and half  two big series, as well as a single or double fan specifications.When conditions have, door leaf and frame assembly should be complete, all installed hardware, and then complete the installation.In general, you should install door frame first, then install door leaf.After made wooden fire door, should immediately brush over the bottom oil (drying oil), to prevent the deformation of be affected with damp be affected with damp.It is important to note when installing wooden fire door, door frame size of the hole should be less than 20 mm, door case waste buried under the ground 20 mm. The frame should be fixed tightly with wall body, the vertical Angle.Has grown two millimeters has grown two millimeters state, hold warrant attention straight Angle, avoid the planer saw.Doors on both sides of the fixed point of not less than three, spacing had better not be greater than 800 mm.

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