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Glass wood door

     Glass wood door is CASEN wood door factory one of the flagship products .

     Solid wood ,HDF wood door ,MDF wood door all the wood doors can make the glass door ,the glass door can use for kitchen ,study room ,washroom and balcony .

     Glass door good pervious to light, good ventilation, and break up the interior space role;All kinds of the wooden door with glass panel, texture, pattern and shape has good decoration effect;Good quality glass also has the advantage of the fire alarm, sound insulation.Specific advantages as follows:

    1, the material is glass, glass door structure is simple, suitable for contemporary and contracted decorate a style.The glass door in a room with good pervious to light quality, good ventilation, to play the role of a break up the interior space again.Especially the organic glass, light transmittance of 92%, is a good polymer transparent material.

    2, on the adornment effect, with the development of the modern glass crafts, all kinds of texture, pattern and shape of glass doors into people's homes, break the monotonous mode, adornment effect is even better than the wooden door.

    3, permeability and good sealing, and through the glass door of the special processing to have the advantage of the fire alarm, sound insulation, is gradually replacing the wooden door, become the mainstream in the modern home decoration.

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