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In  the year 2003 , we were just a small factory and had only about 50 workers .At that time we just make simple design HDF doors ,because we do not have capacity to do many things. We just do one thing :


make sure the quality is very good. We control very strictly of each process, from the material ,cutting,  polishing, carving, to painting, in order to make sure 


the clients are satisfied with each door . Day by day ,year by year ,more and more clients believe us and give us more orders. Some of them even introduce customers to us ,so our team become more and more bigger .Our factory expands every year .


In the year 2008, we moved to new place ,our factory had 200 people and bought more machines .Our production capacity has increased . We reach ISO 9001 quality control system In 2014.


Our factory have more than 500 people and we enter the international market . Till now (2019)we can make all kinds of solid wood door ,


all the designs ,all HDF wooden doors and cabinet (cupboard). 

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