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JS-009 wooden glass panel doors factory directly price

JS-009 wooden glass panel doors factory directly price

Model Number
HDF +solid wood
Open style
swing or open
house ,hotel ,hospital ,apartment,home
Quality Standard
Surface finish
after paint
gray ,black ,white and etc
Standard size
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    JS-009 wooden glass panel doors factory directly price is on sale .

   Glass wood door is a very common material, which occupies a very important position in interior design. As long as you carefully observe, you will find that the number of glass doors around you is increasing, no matter in the office or home, you can see the figure of glass doors. Here,  together, what are the advantages of glass wood doors?

    1. Stretch the space

The glass door can make the space look more spacious and larger from the visual sense. The transparent glass extends the sight line, expands the sense of space, and makes the space appear extra open. If the whole wall is glass partition, the space in the visual sense of openness can be expanded at least more than twice, even in the area is not large enough, not spacious space will not feel a sense of oppression.

    2. Optimize daylighting

Glass is a kind of material with excellent light transmission and transparency. The glass door will not block light like the solid material. Crystal clear glass can make the indoor light transmission unimpeded, so that the space has enough brightness. For some rooms where lighting is less than ideal, glass doors can even bring more light into the space through light refraction, making the space brighter.

    3, separate and continuous

The advantage of glass doors for the layout of the space is that it seems to be separated, separated and continuous, for the traditional partition material, brick wall, cement, wood, metal, etc., will be completely separated from the inside and outside space. But in fact, many adjacent space areas in our life often need to have some contact. The glass door completes the function of dividing the area well, but also retains a certain space connection, so as not to let the space be completely separated.

   4. Variety

There are different kinds of glass can meet different decorative needs, common transparent glass is simple and clean, strong permeability. Stained glass can give people a sense of elegance and nobility, can add color to the space, create a different environment and atmosphere. Frosted glass is opaque to light, after the partition can well protect personal privacy. Carved glass has more glass texture, atmospheric grade, with a strong artistic.

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