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Guangzhou Canton Fair of the household products


       In September 2023 ,Holding Canton Fair in Guangzhou ,it is the exhibition of the 

      Under the theme of "New choice, new trend and new life", this exhibition will highlight the exhibition concept of "innovation, ecology, high-end and boutique", promote the high-quality development of East China's custom home industry with a high level of exhibition, and further enhance the competitiveness, innovation and influence of participating brands. New products debut, promote market prosperity and development 

     During the exhibition, the three main exhibition areas of customized home exhibition area, wood doors and Windows exhibition area, and new materials/smart lock machinery manufacturing equipment area will fully cover the home market in East China.  Furniture, CASEN WOOD doors and Windows, Royal Golden Shield, Shandong autumn Yi plate, Guoyue home, Shangdong home, Jinbeiyang house customization Yunshuo smart lock, Bang's home, Puru lion smart lock, Yifu door industry, Wanda Honghe, Bibi Rabbit hardware, front hardware, Master Wan more than 200 quality exhibitors will be brought the latest products, the latest design, the latest technology surprise appearance, with a richer category and new ideas display, to lead the visitors to appreciate the charm of home, see the beauty of creativity, the beauty of product design, to provide a high-quality suppliers and high-quality buyers selection platform, to promote the market prosperity and development of East China custom home industry.

     - Colorful activities, promote the development of the industry -

     In order to further promote the innovation and development of the custom home furnishing industry, and jointly feel the vitality of home furnishing enterprises, the organizing committee of the exhibition carefully prepared the designer sharing meeting, brand exchange meeting, new product launch and other wonderful theme activities, which will provide the participants with interactive dialogue, market docking, and the opportunity to establish cooperation. At the same time, industry experts, business representatives, design masters and other guests will be invited to the scene to jointly discuss the development trend, market opportunities and future challenges of the custom home industry, and help the win-win development of the industry.

     - Unlimited creativity, stimulate market vitality -

     In addition to the sincerity of new product launches and creative activities, this exhibition is committed to design as a guide, innovation as a channel, development as a goal, bringing together many well-known design agencies to explore the cross-border integration of art design and home life, as well as design elites from all over the country to explore more new designs, new products, new models, new formats, new demands, new markets. While presenting a vibrant creative feast for visitors from all over the world, it also injected innovative thinking and original design driving force for the high-quality development of the custom home industry.

    - Trend experience, create quality service -

     During the preparation period, the exhibition organizing committee adheres to the concept of "coming from the exhibitors and going to the audience", attaches great importance to, plans in advance, carefully deploies, continuously optimizes and adjusts the exhibition plan, and fully ensures the safety and content of the exhibition area. Under the high standards and strict requirements to promote the implementation of various work, whether it is booth construction, new product display or audience invitation, it has both height and temperature. At the same time, the organizing committee has issued directional invitations for professional visitors in East China to go all out to ensure the maximum effect of exhibitors.

   Our wood door factory will follow up the concept ,and creat more designs for the customers .

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