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Installment instruction for wood door 


1. Measure size

Measure height :vertically measure height between bottom and top of wall hole from the right ,the middle ,the left ,choose the minimum value and deduct thickness of the decorative materials of floor.

2. Measure width:horizontally measure width between two sides of wall hole from the top,the middle and the bottom ,choose the minimum value as width .

3. Measure thickness of wall : measure thickness of wall from the top,the middle and the bottom,count the average value and the thickness of the decorative materials of the wall

Tools required

4. Installment material required

Self tapping screw ,wood screw ,foam adhesive ,towel,small wood bar ,glue,locks,hinges,door stopper ,moist-insulation materials,silicon sealant.

5. Installment preparation

Place door leaf and frame at installment site,carefully put and carry door leaf and frame,check whether model is right ,count product and accessories ,prepare tools and read installment instruction .

6. Process of the installment

Assembly door frame:assembly door frame by stapler or screw ,insert rubber seal strip.

7. Fix door frame :put assembled frame into wall hole ,insert wood wedge into gap between wall and frame to rectify frame.

8. Examine whether side frame is vertical to the ground and whether top frame is horizontal by level,if inclined ,rectify it by wood wedge,after confirmed ,fix frame by stapler,finally ,inject foam adhesive

9. Installment of hinge :put hinge into pre-slot groove ,twist the screw by screwdriver use hammer to strike screw into door directly,confirm hinge location on the frame side,hung door leaf on frame,at first,only twist on screw for each hinge,and then open and close door,confirm whether gaps between frame and door leaf is properly (gap from door leaf to ground:8-12mm,gap from door leaf to frame ;2-4mm),make sure that door be opened and closed smoothly ,if it is not properly,adjust it,if it is right,twist remaining four screw.

10. Installment of lock and handle,on the door leaf side,put lock body into pre-solt groove,and then install handles from the side,twist screw to fix it ,check whether handle can be rotated smoothly .on the frame side,slot a hole of lock tongue at corresponding position ,insert metal sheet,and then twist screw,finally ,check whether door can be opened and closed smoothly!

11. Measure actual length,cut architrave with 45 angle,trim cut edge,and then attach architrave to frame.

12. Installment of door stopper

 At proper location,install door stopper,if you don not install in time,please pay attention to protect door handle from collision with wall when open door .On the handle ,you can wrap a layer of protective film

13. Fill up gaps

If there are some gaps between architrave to wall, between ground to architrave,inject silicon sealant to these gaps.


1. In process of installment,we should carry and put carefully,not to damage the finished


2. Should twist the screw by screwdriver,don not use hammer to strike screw into door directly.

3. If not installed in time ,it is strictly prohibited to stored together with acid and alkali content,not put weight on it ,keep dry and ventilated.

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