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Casen wood door produce all the process


1. Choosing the material,all the solid wood material should be imported advance which from different countries ,Thailand ,Africa,American .We will put them in warehouse for 2 years waiting for the water evaporated in order to make the doors will not change the type .

2. Material cutting,when the order in the factory , the workers will put the board on the machine to cut the right size .

3. Making the design ,after the right size ,the workers will carve the deign by machine ,sometimes by hand .

4. Polishing , after the design ,the wood doors will be polished .Must be smooth ,otherwise it will effect the after process .

5. Veneer covering ,if HDF wood doors will be putted different veneer for different clients.After this ,QC will check the quality.If not good need to be rework .

6. Painting,all our doors will be painted independence special space .To make sure the doors clean .

7. QC check the quality again ,if no problem can be packed .

8. Packing , all our doors safety packing will not broken after a long way transportation .

9. Warehouse ,all the doors after finished ,will be in warehouse write different shipping mark waiting for their owner .

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