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door design white color



     Congratulations for CASEN wood door factory has new door design white color .The wood door has two colors ,door leaf white color ,frame and liner are black color ,the whole hue is white ,but the small part of the black color  make the door modern and  more beautiful .

     Now we will introduce this door ,this design comes from our workers,we respect any idea from all the people ,after discuss with the engineer ,we think it is can be . Then make it .The door leaf thickness is 45mm,frame 35mm,inside is 70% Chinese solid wood full with , of course can be more thickness .More thickness more soundproof .The wood door surface is plywood that can be waterproof ,also can fit for bathroom .The door is painted ,environmental protection no smell .

     White and black color wood doors will be the classic color forever ,the before and the future .Also good for match the whole family furniture .

     The black door frame is matched with the white door, the smooth and simple black lines break the monotony of the flat door, add a little color for embellishment, full of fashion sense of the wooden door and the wall panel integrated design, the wooden door into a invisible door, simple design, to ensure the unity of style, It looks more beautiful.

      White and black two-color door, low-key yet elegant. In the family space, not gorgeous but also unique. Under the troubled world, a touch of white brings peace and comfort to world travelers, brings comfort and refreshment to family life, and guards leisurely family life.


     The white and elegant home, which contains all the colored light in the spectrum, can accommodate a variety of artistic elements and colors in the space, which greatly improves the texture of the space, using white color door as the background color, and decorating the color with a strong visual sense above, the whole space contains a simple and sensitive.

    Pure white, a symbol of modesty and purity, people love its indifferent and clean, love its bright and crisp.

    As a versatile color, white is undoubtedly the winning color of the decoration of small white, with a large area of white as the keynote, appropriate black as the ornament, play the finishing touch, with color as the highlight, simple but not simple, can inadvertently show a fashion attitude.

   Without using too many decorative colors, everything is simple and generous as the standard.

   This simple white interal wood door clean lines create the beauty of a tight order in the space, creating appropriately divided light and dark sides that extend modern geometric abstractions from the plane to the entire space.


     And the atmosphere of the space is just restrained, just like all art display spaces, do not rob the weight of the owner and life. The white wooden door has no absolute visual impact. In most cases, it brings a bright light to the eyes. With simple design, elegant lines, clean white, break the thickness of dark, dark series of wooden doors, increase the sense of fashion and freshness, to provide customers with a pure and comfortable experience.

     The whole door is pure white, a large number of white use, can make people familiar, fresh, clean, simple, pure, return to the truth.

      Open the wooden door and design the white wooden door to return to the pure beauty of nature.

       White color doors can for different place and different scene.

      Simple design, through the concave and convex shape decoration of the wooden door, the layer of lines is simple but not yet fashionable, classic atmosphere.



    Wooden door and wall panel integrated design, the wooden door into a invisible door, simple design, to ensure the unity of style, look more beautiful. Through the concave and convex shape and wall panels echo, white itself is a matching color, bedroom door choose white wooden door, will make the whole room clean and bright. The collision of pearl white and metal buckle line, fresh pearl white makes the whole space more elegant and comfortable.




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