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Advantages of wood doors


Home is the place for us to relax after working, decoration style of the house also will influence our mood. Modern style decoration with simple style provides extensive visual effects and let us feel relax and warm. For a lot of people that like contemporary and simple style home decoration, modern wood door catered to the aesthetic pursuit of its simple and elegant atmosphere. Wood doors are extremely suitable for modern style decoration. That’s why modern wood door design is popular in the market. Let’s see the advantages of wooden doors.


1- The main advantage of wooden doors is that they can be used very efficiently in hot and cold weather. Wood has always been a natural insulator in homes. Unlike cold metals, they keep heat indoors and keep the cold out;

2- You can choose your wooden doors in a wide variety of designs, colors, wood types and sizes. Different colour collocation of wood door with your furniture. There is also a range of wood types to choose from for your door, which include mahogany, teak, chestnut, walnut, oak, pine, fir and cherry;

3- Wooden doors have low maintenance cost, which is cost effective and convenient. Also they are easy to clean;

4- Durable and good soundproof effect;

5- You can paint and finish your wood door easily and for very little cost. Can choose the color you like best. 

Product parameters

Modern design soundproof wooden door for hotel classic wood door JS-5004 A


about 45KG/SET


about 0.23 CBM/SET


Polybag+foam board+strong cartons

Delivery time

about 35 days after deposit

Loading advices

20GP/130sets  40GP/260SETS  40HQ/310SETS

Now everyone have a lot of pressure, sleeping is a big problem, when you want to sleep, a lot of noise, like noise of the pets,TV noise, cars noise. 

Don not worry, our wood door can solve this problem, give you quiet and good sleeping.

Our door simple design at least is 45mm thickness, some other doors will be more thickness like 70mm, 80mm, in the middle of the door is solid wood. It is can keep the noise outside very well. So all our doors at least 45kg.

We also use import rubber seal strip, it is play a important role of dust-proof, insect-proof, waterproof, fixed, sound-proof, shock absorption.

Casen is a professional wood door manufacturer focusing on modern wood door and other types of wooden doors since 2003. Welcome to inquiry for custom wooden interior/exterior doors, we provide OEM/ODM service. 

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