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top 5 inexpensive hardwood flooring alternatives

by:Casen Doors     2020-03-05
Do you want to achieve the appearance and durability of hardwood floors? But your budget is already low because the market now offers some budget --
Friendly option you can consider as a replacement for solid hardwood flooring.
Hardwood floors are known for their durability and warmth.
It turns out that its quality can last for generations.
No matter where you will be installing hardwood floors, it will definitely make the room look more gorgeous and refined.
In addition, it can be easily integrated with any interior design.
However, these unique features are accompanied by high prices.
Hardwood floors are really expensive, and the installation costs are high as it takes a lot of labor to install them on the floor.
Hardwood floors are one of the most popular flooring surface covering materials that have been around for centuries.
If you think your budget is lower than the cost of hardwood floors, you may worry about how you can achieve the floor look you want.
Fortunately, there are a lot of floors to choose from and can be used as a replacement for hardwood floors.
Most of these alternatives offer the same superior durability, quality and charm at a fraction of the cost.
Bamboo is one of the best budgets
Friendly choice of hardwood floors.
It is also one of the famous flooring materials used in home design.
Owners have been using it for a long time and they hope the floor will not only provide a natural fresh wood look, but will be truly durable and sustainable.
Bamboo has a natural texture design like hardwood floors.
Vinyl is easier to install and cheaper compared to hardwood floors.
Vinyl is considered a contemporary alternative to hardwood floors.
Unlike in the past, you can now find high quality and durable vinyl materials in the market.
There are various designs, textures and patterns for premium vinyl.
You can choose the type that best imitates the appearance and elegance of pure solid wood flooring.
Another benefit of vinyl is that it only needs less maintenance.
This makes it a floor choice for any room in your home.
Like bamboo, cork is also a choice for eco-friendly and durable flooring.
It is basically made from the bark of a cork oak tree.
Cork is soft but durable.
It can be perfectly installed on a floor that can accommodate a lot of walking or standing traffic.
This is also great for the room or place where the kids play as it is softer and safer than solid hardwood floors.
In addition, Cork is a good insulator.
For homeowners who usually walk around their homes barefoot, this is the perfect choice.
Cork has different colors.
The old plastic era has passed.
Like, artificial
Laminate floor.
With the upgrading of imaging technology, these technologies are constantly developing.
Today\'s carefully designed laminate flooring looks and feels very similar to the real solid hardwood flooring, which you can hardly recognize.
It is considered at-because it is very easy and fast to install-
Home DIY enthusiasts.
If you think the first four options don\'t fit your preferences just because you really want the real wood floor feel, then you can consider using engineering plywood.
Engineering wood flooring is a smarter and cheaper option if you want wood flooring.
In addition to cheap prices, this material can better withstand humidity and moisture than authentic solid wood.
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