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Top 4 Decorative Details for Wooden Exterior Doors

by:Casen Doors     2020-04-24
Wooden exterior doors are simply beautiful for virtually any building that would like to have a particular amount of character with a lovely natural touch. They are strong and versatile choices that last for a very long time and are considered far more artistic to any other type of door since experienced woodworking artisans perfect their work for the best look each and every time. Whether you would like a simplistic look or something more extravagant, there are several options available to customize and personalize wooden exterior doors to fit with the home's d?锟絚or as well as your own sense of style. While many people may not realize just how versatile wooden doors are, there are in fact many different options available to add something more, which will make it more than just a door, but a visually appealing piece that will immediately add to the value of the home. To get the most out of your wooden door, consider some of the most popular decorative choices that many people love to use. You can choose one of the following options or simply mix and match until you've found the perfect combination for a door that's uniquely your own. Plain Windows Plain windows are a nice touch when you would like to let natural light filter from the doorway. You can choose from transparent or frosted glass for your wooden exterior doors and there are also different areas that they can be place in. You can choose narrow windows that frame the door around the sides and over the top, or you can add larger windows right in the door itself. Both methods will allow a sufficient amount of light while still providing the privacy that many prefer. If you would still like to have more privacy or would actually like larger windows, there is always the option of adding beautiful window treatments like sheer curtains. This option will give you a wider range of decorative options since window treatments can easily change according to your d?锟絚or or mood. Stained Glass Windows Stained glass is another wonderful option that many people love to add to wooden doors. The bold and strong look of a wooden door is immediately softened with delicate stained glass, especially when they include light pastel colours or a wonderful curved design. If you prefer something bold or vibrant, consider sharp lines and darker, more solid tones for the design. Stained glass adds a beautiful artistic touch to a doorway and can work with a wooden door's design, to tie it in with the rest of the home instead of standing on its own. The best part about getting stained glass is that the designs can be customized to include words or images that are tied in with the residents or style of the home. Carvings Carvings make wooden exterior doors simply stunning, especially when they are carved by a professional woodcarver. You can have a totally unique door style made to suit you perfectly and allow the woodcarver to get creative and really show off their skills in the trade. Metal Details Combining warm natural wood with cold metal is a wonderful combination for a variety of door styles. Whether you would like a more rustic look with black metal pieces or something more modern with shiny brass or stainless steel, choosing a wooden door with metal decorative details is a great choice for almost any home style.
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