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The Benefits of Internal Doorsets

by:Casen Doors     2020-05-16
For many years internal doors were only available as separate frames, architraves and doors, often in a raw state and sourced from different suppliers. As a result various processes would be required to install the doors, including a site based carpenter to first install the frame, fit the architrave and make all the cut outs for the handles, hinges and locks. Once this had been completed a decorator would be required to apply a number of paint or varnish coats and to add the finishing touches. Consequently, this can be a time consuming and uneconomic process and can even lead to an inconsistent and poor quality finish. In order to address the problems faced by sourcing and fitting each door component separately, doorsets have been launched on to the market, offering a complete internal door solution. Doorsets usually contain all the necessary parts including; the frame, door leaf and architrave pieces with all the necessary cut outs for hardware to fit a door in an existing or new opening. This provides a variety of benefits for the installer, namely that all frame and architrave joints have been prepared at the factory, under controlled conditions to ensure consistency. This provides an assurance of the quality and eradicates some of the inconsistencies faced when sourcing parts from different suppliers. Furthermore, doorsets are designed to cater for various types of fitting and environments as most have a unique tongue design that locates into a frame rebate to enable pin free fixing to the wall, whilst allowing lateral adjustment to suit the wall thickness. Doorsets are not only a more straightforward option but they also make financial sense: there is no waste from buying excess materials and they also minimise time required on site by the carpenter. They can be assembled with ease and only require a small amount of alignment and adjustment. In addition doorsets usually come ready painted and thus reduce the requirement for a decorator to apply layers of paint or varnish at an extra cost. Doorsets look set to continue as a popular option across a variety of industries and sectors as the benefits of a complete 'ready-to-fit' solution become obvious. After all any door product is only as good as the final installation and internal doorsets can help ensure consistent quality on site.
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