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Protecting Your Garage Door Against Harsh Weather

by:Casen Doors     2020-05-19
Garage has become an integral part of the house because almost every home owner has a car which he needs to protect from uncertain weather conditions and also from intruders and thieves. In modern life style, you must have a garage in front of your house because it sends a very bright impression of your house. When you have such a design scheme then, you must have a very attractive and good looking garage door in place. Wood is most preferred material for making attractive and elegant garage doors but at the same time wooden doors are not very practical and they deteriorate very easily in little harsh weather conditions. In order to make them long lasting, you will always need to provide them with some extra protection. There are two options for providing such protection which is either insulation or you can adopt more economical process of deploying steel seals on your wooden door. When you talk about proper insulation of your wooden door then, you must know that wood will always need a high quality insulator. Quality of insulator is measured from its R value and materials with high R value are considered good quality insulators while materials with low R value are low quality insulators. For wood, you will always need some high R valued insulator. Low R valued insulators are used to provide extra strength to metallic doors like fiberglass and steel. This type of insulation will cost you lots of money and will increase the overall cost of your door but this insulation will be flawless and it will extend the life of your wooden door without damaging or disturbing its design and style. If you cannot afford this type of insulation then, there is an economical way also present. You can install steel seals on your wooden doors to increase their strength. These seals are available easily and because steel has some built in resistance against bad weather, these seals will provide protection to your wooden doors. These are especially helpful for harsh winter season because extra humidity and snow can make your wooden door to sack and crack very easily. If you install these seals on the edges and corners of your wooden door then, in the end of winter season, you will get deteriorated seals instead of whole deteriorated doors. These seals are not very costly and easily available. There is a third solution also available and that is to use composite material. This is a new type of material which is made by mixing steel or vinyl with wood. Mixture of these materials looks very attractive because wood is used as prime material while steel or vinyl are used with wood to increase its strength. These are made by professional design and they make sure that this mixture does not affect the overall design of the door. These are all the options which you can adopt to increase the average life of your door and especially with these methods; you can make your door to last through harsh weather season.
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