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Pre-Finishing Matters

by:Casen Doors     2020-04-25
So you've decided upon a door or a new wood floor. You know the wood species you want, the width of the planks, or the type of glass you want. All of the decisions involved when picking out a new floor for your home or a brand new front door should end with or at least include whether or not to opt for pre-finishing. Some people choose to skip pre-finishing, instead desiring to finish the wood themselves. However, there is nothing wrong with asking the maker or supplier to pre-finish the wood for you. In fact, this can be a cheaper option with the right company. In addition, you can always ask them for images or even samples so that you will know what the wood will look like before you install it into your home. This can benefit you should you be considering doing your own finishing. After all, making a mistake on finishing your wood is not something you want to do. Likewise, companies that handle this type of finishing have a vast array of choices that they can offer. There are high quality stains, topcoats, and glazes that you can look at. A quality company won't stop there though. High-end finishes provide an artisan touch such as crackling, highlighting, antiquing, shadowing, and more. They will also be able to offer you not just standard color options but also custom color options. Have an image in mind that you have yet to see? Talk to them about it and they may be able to create it for you. Pre-finishing saves you time because once the product arrives, it is ready to be installed. No extra waiting or work which means you can save on time and money. When a door or flooring is pre-finished, you also get the benefit of care and quality. Sanding is done carefully in order to ensure an ideal surface for finishing. Methods are used in order to achieve even tones without any blotches. Finishing is done in a dust-free environment for a more even surface application, something that is not achievable once the product arrives at the home. Ask about other factors of pre-finishing, such as increased warranty times and moisture sealing to prevent warping. A pre-finished door or floor can make a huge difference in the lifetime of the wood when done right by someone who knows how, and you get to reap the benefits.
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