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Painting to Improve the Look of Your House

by:Casen Doors     2020-09-09
The market for buying and selling property is a one tough climate. Sellers in particular need to take do everything they can to improve the attractiveness of their home and increase their selling power.
In the housing market, the prospective buyer's first impression of a house is certainly the one that counts the most. Whether they are inspecting the home in person, driving past in the car, or chancing upon a picture in the paper, the initial sight of a bright, eye-catching, well-looked-after home creates interest and attracts potential buyers.
An entire home makeover, such as a complete exterior paint job, is desirable. But for many, finances are an issue and a big paint job may be out of reach. By painting key areas at just the front of your home, a good compromise is reached that effectively improves the look and value of your home for minimal cost.
Paint the Trim.
The trim which protects your wood often goes unnoticed as the years go by. The colour has probably lost its sheen over the years. A carefully applied coat of paint to your wood trim can easily and cost effectively bring back some dazzle and life to your home.
Paint the Front of Your House.
If your budget can allow it, simply painting just the front of your house can do a lot to enhance the image of your home. After all, there's not really a major need to paint around the entire house if finance is an issue. We know that first impressions count and newly painted walls in combination with the newly painted trim on your home is sure to attract plenty of good attention.
Paint the Garage Door.
Garage doors usually face directly towards the street and are immediately noticed as a major component of the house's curb appeal. Large, broad and bold, the garage door stands out, whether or not the paint job is any good. Turn this fact to your advantage by taking steps to paint, finish and spruce up the appearance of your garage door.
Paint the Front Door.
The front door is the gateway to your home and becomes easily worn and battered by continuous use. A lovely front door makes a great impression to visitors. Similar to the garage door, it occupies a significant portion of the front of your house and should be made to stand out and look as grand and inviting as possible. A colour that contrasts well to the wall paint next to it is advisable
Paint the Rain Gutters.
The rain gutters of a house typically run along the edge of the roofing, and similar to the wood trim are great for boosting the appearance of your home when given a fresh coat of paint. Note that gutters on single story homes are easily reachable, but anything higher should be left for a professional to tackle.
Paint the Front Fence.
The image of a house with a white picket fence is an image that many prospective home buyers unconsciously internalise when house-hunting. A decorative picket fence, or any fence which runs along the front of the house, is an excellent addition to the property and should be given a new coat of paint to make it really catch the eye.

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