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Lock Snapping Is a Danger to Your Door

by:Casen Doors     2020-07-16
Over the past few years in the UK; and last summer in particular; we have seen an increase in the number of burglaries where access was gained thanks to a technique known as lock snapping. Perhaps this can be put down to the increase in the number of composite doors on homes in the UK, as most new homes are fitted with them, and many older homes are upgrading. This is because lock snapping is often not the easiest way to gain access when a home is fitted with an older wooden door; a few swift kicks are usually enough to dislodge the lock, and the door will swing open, granting the thief access to all your valuable possessions inside. Lock snapping involves inserting a long piece of metal; a screwdriver will do nicely, but there are even dedicated tools for this; into the lock present on a UPVC composite door, and giving it a swift, but firm, smack on the end. Within a couple of strikes the lock will usually click open, and become unusable in future. Thankfully there have been advancements in the technology employed in composite door locks, and it is now possible to avoid lock snapping break ins all together. If you are the victim of a lock snap burglary, your locks will no longer be of any use, so if you are going to have to spend the money anyway it might be an idea to invest in barrel replacements, which are considerably cheaper than replacing your locks entirely. By applying clever strengthening techniques to the weakest part of the lock, it is possible to prevent snapping completely, saving you and your family a great deal of trauma, and saving possessions which can often be irreplaceable. Of course, composite doors are among the most secure available on the market today. Thieves have simply found an ingenious way to manipulate their weakest point, which is why the recent speight of burglaries have gained so much press from so many quarters. A small investment in anti-snap barrel replacements for your door can prevent this problem entirely, so it is definitely a worthwhile purchase. As mentioned above, UPVC composites stand up to brute force so much better than older wooden doors; they are a complete deterrent against less informed thieves, and coupled with anti-snap barrel replacements, can provide the best protection on offer today. With many providers now offering this invention as standard on their doors, you can rest assured that lock-snapping burglaries are a thing of the past.
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