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how to make refrigerator wood door handles

by:Casen Doors     2020-03-06
Hey everyone, Jeremy Hoffman.
My family and I use our garage fridge a lot as it can accommodate our water and other drinks.
The fridge door handle broke a few months ago, so I decided to make a wooden door handle for our fridge with a hard maple.
The door handle of the refrigerator is made of cheap plastic and often breaks.
This became apparent when I searched this blog post for keywords to use, as there were some online companies specializing in custom fridge door handles.
I decided to make my own maple with a piece of hard maple left from previous projects.
My garage fridge is black and it doesn\'t quite match the hard maple but I can\'t paint or stain beautiful wood
It\'s too painful.
I decided to go like this.
After all, the fridge is in the garage and it is not the center of our house.
What I used: my plastic handle completely broke the fridge.
I found the door handle on the hard maple.
Hard maple 2 \"thick, slightly larger than the original refrigerator door handle (1. 75\").
I have no problem with it being a little bigger.
Next, I found the refrigerator door handle on the maple tree.
Because there is a round face, the handle is not completely square in front.
I have to make sure the pencil does not slide under the plastic handle.
I cut the template on the band saw.
The fixture saw works as well as the band saw.
It is important to break the line.
I used my disc sander and spindle sander to polish the handle of the pencil line from earlier on.
That\'s why it\'s important to cut out the lines in the previous step.
There is a thin lip on the handle of the refrigerator door, placed on the top of the refrigerator door.
I used my 12 \"combo squares and 6\" combo squares to transfer the length and thickness of this lip to the wooden handle.
This is the refrigerator door handle.
In fact, I believe it is the same.
Next, I measured the size of the handle and transferred the measurement results to the handle of the wooden door.
The hole is large enough to hold plastic \"u-shaped\" parts.
I screwed a screw and removed the plastic piece.
I realized that a wooden door handle and a plastic door handle would make the refrigerator look silly.
I have a top/bottom fridge and the handle in the fridge section is broken.
The two handles are exactly the same.
The handle of the refrigerator was simply reversed.
Instead of ignoring this, I stopped the project and followed the exact process of making another wooden door handle with the same piece of waste wood.
I removed the refrigerator door handle (
The one that is not broken).
Next, transfer the screw measurements to the wooden handle.
I drilled a pilot hole and used a countersunk bit to make sure the screws were flush.
I organized my sandpaper into a Poly organizer and I highly recommend it if you have a lot of sandpaper.
Next, I use my track Sander to polish each piece with 220 sandpaper.
To make the wooden handle comfortable, I make sure there is sand on each edge.
I applied a thick layer of shellac.
My favorite is shellac.
It dries quickly and brings out the wood grain well.
I gently polish each door handle with 1000 sandpaper.
I thin the shellac with acetone and applied the last layer.
Don\'t forget to watch my YouTube video and check out the interesting blogs that aren\'t available in this blog post.
YouTube videos can be found here.
I really like the projects that are both interesting and problem-solving.
The cheap plastic fridge door handle cost $50. 00.
It took a few hours for the fridge wood door handle to make it!
I hope this project will provide you with some value as this is my ultimate goal and my forever goal.
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Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
I would love to help!
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