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How to Make Exterior Wood Doors the Focal Point for Homes

by:Casen Doors     2020-04-29
Being a home owner is a big investment for the future and having the best home for the family is something that can add up in cost over time. Whether it's a facelift to modernize the house or a need to boost curb appeal for a sale, changing the entire exterior of a home can become very expensive very quickly. A comprehensive renovation is not an expense that everyone can afford, but there are less costly options that can really enhance the exterior of a home at a very affordable price. Changing smaller, more manageable parts like the exterior doors is a quick cost-effective choice that can really make a big impact on the look of a home. The majority of designers and architects choose to make exterior wood doors the focal point of a house in order to make it welcoming, as well as to promote a flow of movement to incorporate the statement pieces that surround it. When someone comes across a home without a clear entrance, or when the path to the entrance is blocked or unattractive, it immediately disrupts the look and feel of the property. By having something clearly displayed and decorative, the eyes are instantly drawn to the main entrance of the home. Use Colour The classic red door is a very popular feature for many different home styles. From cottage to contemporary styles, the red door is considered striking and beautiful no matter what the surroundings may be. There is a wide range of colours that can be used for the exterior wood doors, and the type will depend on what is pleasing to the eye and how it works when combined with other colours of a home. For instance, if a house has a subdued palette of colours, virtually anything vibrant would work. To go one step further and to make it work seamlessly with the rest of the home's surroundings, consider the shades that pop up in the garden, the window treatments, or even the surrounding properties. Frame It Sometimes exterior wood doors are perfect in their most natural way, but if you would like to make it more of a focal point, try framing it with a classic wood door frame. For something fresh and decorative, try placing larger topiaries on either side of the doors as a frame. They are decorative, add fresh greenery, and are easy to maintain. There are many options available for drawing the eyes to the main doorway, so experiment and see what works best. Invest in Good Lighting Having exterior wood doors as the main focus of a house does not have to cost a lot. If you want to create something stunning, sometimes all it takes is great lighting. No matter how many or how few details a door may have, it always looks better when it's highlighted nicely. It immediately brightens up the entry and draws attention in a more dramatic way. Regardless of the colour or style of your beautiful wooden door, investing in good lighting will not only change the look and feel of the house, but it will also provide you with the added security that high visibility brings. When choosing to change or update the look of exterior wooden doors, focus on the main entrance since it will determine the curb appeal, but don't forget to update or properly maintain the doors that are less visible as well. Addressing those will help tie the look of the house together from every angle, up the property value, and ensure they will not need replacing for many years to come.
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