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How to Make Exterior Wood Doors Look Their Best

by:Casen Doors     2020-04-19
Installing beautiful exterior wood doors on a property is something that many people consider an investment, which is why it is important to maintain the doors regularly. Proper maintenance for wooden doors is not only important for leaving a wonderful lasting impression, but also as a means of extending the life of the door for as long as possible and avoiding to make costly replacements. Exterior doors are important household pieces that many owners think little about, especially when it comes to cleaning and care. Although exterior wood doors are built to last through almost any kind of weather, like anything else they require occasional maintenance and care so that they are able to stay strong over the years, and still look as beautiful as the day they were installed. Regular Cleaning Regularly cleaning the doors can help keep up their appearance and prevent them from succumbing to stains, scratches, or even mold build up. One of the easiest things that you can do is to simply wipedown the doors with a soft damp cloth. A mild soap can also be used, but make sure there is no warning label on the soap regarding use on wood, and be careful not to soak the door. A slightly dampened cloth should work well. Cleaning the doors once every month or two will quickly and effectively clean off dust and dirt particles, which is especially noticeable during and after winter months. If the particles are left to build up over time, they may scratch the surface, leaving the door more vulnerable to moisture damage and resulting in mold or warping. Door Sealers For the best protection and care for exterior wood doors, it is also important to apply a new coat of high quality wood sealers every few years. Since outdoor elements, and especially the UV exposure over a year, work to wear down the strength of the door coating, it is generally recommended to apply a fresh new coat every 3-5 years or so. There is a wide variety of door sealers available on the market, and each one will differ from one type of wood to another. The majority of sealers for exterior wood doors will be oil-based and each one will change the overall look from high gloss to matte. If there is ever any doubt about which one will work best over time, ask an expert who knows about wood and wood care. General TLC Finally, the best advice that anyone can give for keeping exterior wood doors looking their best is overall carefulness from year to year. Whenever possible, try to avoid getting the doors scratched or knocked by heavy objects since it may not only affect the overall strength of the wood and hinges, but also makes the wood more vulnerable to moisture each time the door's finish is you're moving large or awkwardly shaped objects in and out of the house, take a moment to cover the door with some padding or a blanket. This will help prevent some of the most common dents and scratches that doors tend to get over time. By following these few simple steps,the look and quality of an exterior wooden door will last well through the ages and safeguarding your satisfaction and enjoyment of them for many years to come.
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