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How to Activate the Main Entrance to Your Home

by:Casen Doors     2020-09-08
How to Activate the Main Entrance to Your Home
There are many ways to enhance your life by applying the wisdom of Feng Shui to your environment. As it becomes increasingly popular here in the west, you may have noticed all the red front door colors on people's homes and wonder if there's something going on that you don't know about. People are indeed catching on to the knowledge of how important their main entrance is, and working with the magic of an ancient art and science from the east.
The movement of chi (life force energy) enters your home through the doors and windows, and the front door is the most important entry point to consider in Feng Shui. The quality of energy experienced in the household is largely determined by the location, colour and integrity of this main entrance.
Rather than painting your front door color the traditional red that you often see, there are actually other factors to consider that are particular to your house, its location and the qualities you want to activate. The color of the front door should be in accordance with the compass direction it faces, and according to the five elements of Feng Shui practices. For instance:
South (Fire) = reds, pink and burgundy.
Southwest (Earth) = yellows or browns.
Southeast (Wood) = greens.
West (Metal) = white, silver, copper or gold.
Northwest (Metal) = white, silver, copper or gold.
North (Water) = blacks or blues.
Northeast (Earth) = yellows or browns.
East (Wood) = greens.
Other factors to consider for the wisest application of Feng Shui for your front door include:
Colour - as stated above, determine with a compass which direction your front door faces and paint accordingly. A qualified Feng Shui Practitioner can provide additional tools that may be needed to best balance the elements and activate what you want to bring into your life.
Avoid always using another side door to enter your home. Keep your front door activated by using it regularly.
Use solid wood instead of a glass door, as glass allows chi to move in too fast and can't keep the energy inside of the house.
Keep the front door clear of clutter and debris inside and outside, such as garbage bags or recycling, shoes and objects lying around, blocking the beneficial energy to flow through.
Ensure your door opens inwards, with well-oiled hinges and a proper functioning door knob.
The size of the front door should be in correct proportion to the rest of the house, as being too small or too large in scale will create difficulties.
Ensure proper outdoor lighting, and a clearly visible address number.
Try to avoid having your front door blocked such as facing into the corner of another house, a large tree or post. If this is unavoidable, a Feng Shui Practitioner can recommend cures and tools to offset this.
Avoid blocking part of your doorway with a potted plant or object, as this will cut off the chi.
The front entrance of your home is associated with Career, so enhancing this area will naturally benefit it. You can also uplift it further by hanging wind chimes outside your front door to bring more opportunities, job satisfaction or a promotion.
Perhaps 2011 is your year to spruce up your front door, with a new color and Feng Shui magic. With the right intention and a few changes, you can do your part to bring the beneficial life energy into your home.

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