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Home Invasion - What You Need To Know

by:Casen Doors     2020-09-10
Law enforcement agencies do not categorize home invasions separately from burglary and robbery so accurate statistics on this crime don't exist. However, with commercial establishments limiting cash on hand, installing video surveillance and silent alarms, there is a trend of violent robberies escalating on the home front. This crime is similar to a carjacking which continues to grow in popularity.
Are home invaders like burglars?
The home invader is very different from a burglar because they confront their victims where a burglar avoids confrontation. The home invader relies on the fear instilled in their victims to get whatever they want. While a burglar hits an empty home, a home invader comes knocking when they know that you're home. This type of thief may be someone who has been in your home as a repairman, or a friend of one that has seen valuable targets. They rarely work alone. They may target a wealthy elderly person who lives alone. They may follow you from a store where they may have seen the jewelry that you wear. We unfortunately live at a time when it's impossible to trust strangers.
The first few minutes of a home invasion are crucial for the robber to gain control and create panic and fear in their victims. They may come equipped with handcuffs, duct tape or other devices to restrain their victims. At this point, they will hold your family hostage while demanding valuables, car keys and even take you to a bank for an ATM withdrawal. They may cut telephone wires to prevent a call for help and disable a security monitoring system. Although a home invasion usually begins with a knock at the front door, open windows or garage doors provide an easy entrance too.
Prevention boils down to getting into safe habits.
Keep your front door locked all the time
Make sure that you have a strong lock and strike plate
Install a peephole on your front door and don't just open it when you hear a knock or doorbell
Never just open the door for a stranger or solicitor
Install a security device that allows the door to be partly opened. Never rely on the old chain that gets mounted to a molding with tiny screws
Be wary of anyone following you towards your front door when arriving home
Do not leave an attached garage door open
Have a light outside the front entrance so you can see through the peephole
Instruct all family members on the safety basics outlined here
Install a security system and turn on the perimeter protection when you're home. Central station monitoring using cell technology will allow your panic button and perimeter protection to work even with cut telephone wires.

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