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Hardwood Gates - Enhance The Look And Feel of Your House

by:Casen Doors     2020-07-17
Gates are an integral part in the construction of any building, be it a private house or an office building. The design and type of gate can very well create the first impression a person gets while entering the premises. Gates can be made of iron or steel or of wood, hardwood gates or softwood. While metallic doors are more often used in office building, campuses and factories, the wooden gates can be seen more in front of private houses or mansions. Wooden gates lend beauty, elegance and class to the house. Wood gives a more personal, warm and classy feel to a house. Now while choosing the type of wooden door you want to install, it is very important to consult with the architect about the type of wood with which the gates will be made. Wood can be of two types- Hardwood and Softwood. Hardwood is stronger, more durable and more difficult to work with than softwood. Hardwood is more resistant to weather extremities and therefore lasts longer than softwood. Thus, Hardwood is also quite expensive. Although from a durability and longevity perspective, hardwood gates cannot compare with iron or steel gates, it can be treated with preservatives to make it more weather proof and parasitic attack resistant. There are many ways in which you can improve the quality of hardwood gates making it last longer and thus serving its purpose of guarding and beautifying the property. One can preserve the wood by applying a transparent film of varnish or by applying a protective layer of paint over the wood. The latter will cover the natural beauty of the wood though. Therefore to keep the natural color of the wood, transparent coating is the option which will keep it safe from parasitic attacks, fungus, insects, dusts and dirt. But it will still not protect the hardwood gates from ultra violet rays, which will continue to pass through the film due to its transparency and thus making continuing its deterioration. To enhance the longevity of a wooden door, one may use opaque wooden stain. There are different sorts of wooden stains available and if one buys the weather - resistant kind, then it will help in the protection of the hardwood gates from extreme weather conditions, sun rays etc. Hardwood gates though a bit expensive can bring grandeur to the character of your house. There are various kinds of styles available in wooden doors but it should match with your home architecture and one should definitely take into account the budget and quality of the wood being used. Hardwood gates give privacy, security and beauty to the house.
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