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Furnish Your Home With Different Types of Exterior Doors

by:Casen Doors     2020-06-28
When you enter a home, what's the first thing that you see? It's none other than the door. Also called exterior door or entryway, this home fixture is one of the focal points in the decor of your home. This is precisely why you need to spend enough time choosing the right type, style and material of your exterior door. Remember that out of all the parts of your house, the one which will be constantly exposed to the elements is your exterior door. Whether it's scorching hot outside or if it's the dead of winter, the exterior door's material is supposed to withstand all these. The good news is that there are plenty of materials that you can choose from to suitably meet the requirements of exterior doors. Top Tips when Buying Exterior Doors Whether you are newly building your house or replacing an old, worn-out door in your main entryway, there are a few things that you need to consider when buying exterior doors. 1. What type of door would you like to have? First, decide on the type of door that you would like to install. There is the inswing or the door that opens in; the outswing which opens out; and sliding doors which are composed of glass panels that need to be slid one over the other to open. 2. Steel, fibreglass or wood? As mentioned earlier, you should consider a type of door material that will last through even the harshest weather elements. The three main materials that you can choose from are steel, fibreglass and wood. Steel doors have a core insulation which is efficiently weather-stripped by the manufacturer to make them suitable for outdoor use. A door material that's a bit more expensive but will last you for practically a lifetime is fibreglass. It's actually a lot easier to install than steel doors due to its wood grain texture. Once painted or stained, it could look like you have hardwood doors installed although the material is a lot more weatherproof than the authentic material. If you would like to experience the traditional, well-loved feeling of having heavy, wooden doors, you can definitely do so. Just make sure to apply a stain on the wood to make it more durable to moisture, snow and heat. 3. Choose the right material for patio doors. The previous item is applicable for main doors for most of the homes but what if you have an entryway in the kitchen which opens up to a lovely patio? You can use sliding glass doors for this, as well as aluminium, vinyl, wood-clad or French doors. 4. How about exterior door accents? Finally, you can finish off the look of your new door with decorative accents like glass, sidelights, transoms or in-glass blinds. Incorporating these elements into the design of your door will allow some of the natural light to come in. After installing the type of exterior door that you have chosen, make sure that it is fitted with appropriate locks for security purposes.
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