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From Doors to Floors - African Mahogany Wood

by:Casen Doors     2020-05-01
Whether you are looking to get a brand new door or hoping to install a gorgeous hardwood floor, there are many different wood species you can consider. Each of them will have their own strengths and they will all have unique looks that may or may not work for your home. Consider the varieties available before making any final choices, and speak to professionals about the benefits of the wood you want, to find out how to best install it and care for it in your home. African mahogany is an excellent hardwood choice. It is indeed a native wood to Africa, and although it is considered an exotic wood species, the prices are often moderately priced, which is why you may see it offered in more than one location as a hardwood option. The grain of African mahogany can be straight or interlocked and often has a ribbon-like design which can make it very appealing. The texture can be moderately coarse, but with the proper sanding and sealing, this isn't something you will have to worry about. It's a great wood choice because it also comes in a variety of colors. Sapwood can begin as creamy-white with the heartwood reddish brown. Often the wood can have a purple cast. One of the interesting properties of African mahogany is that is can exhibit an optical phenomenon that is known as chatoyancy. This kind of optical reflectance is most often seen in gemstones such as tiger eye stones. It means 'changing in luster or color.' If a polished piece of African mahogany is turned, as the light hits it, the wood will appear to change colors. This can be a very stunning effect on both doors and flooring alike. African mahogany is moderately hard as well as moderately heavy, making it a good, study wood for your needs. It has a medium bending and crushing strength and good stability. Stiffness in this wood is low, as is its shock absorbance. It also has moderate decay resistance, but because it will most likely be coated in a protective seal, you won't have to worry much about that when it comes to decay and moisture issues. This wood can really be a fantastic choice. Talk to a professional about all the benefits of African mahogany and see a piece for yourself before deciding whether this wood is for you and giving your home an amazing makeover.
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