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Door Handle Tips

by:Casen Doors     2020-07-22
The humble door handle is far older than you think with paintings in Egyptian tombs showing early forms of wooden door handles, however today's handles are somewhat more sophisticated! Indeed whilst you can still buy wooden ones, there is now a massive array of door handles available, particularly if you buy online. Very often it is easy to pick ones that are plain and boring and as such they can be just end up blending in to the background, yet we believe that they can become a real feature if you choose the right one. Whilst they are always going to be functional be it a handle for a bedroom door or a kitchen cupboard, choosing the right door handle can transform the mood of a room. Kitchen door handle choice in particular can be vital in defining the look of your new kitchen, indeed if you have an old kitchen then switching the handles over to new designer ones can make it look like you have had a new kitchen fitted. Yet care needs to be taken as if you pick the wrong ones then you could make a 5,000 kitchen look like a 500 one if you opted for cheap plastic handles as an example. Also when choosing handles do remember to factor in the overall cost of them as whilst one at 25 may seem cheap, but if you need to buy twenty then the bill starts adding up, so always factor in the total cost when replacing household doors or fitting new kitchen units. They now come in a wide range of styles such as black antique ones, which can look great in an old period style country cottage, or even in a modern house so long as they match the decor of the house. A large number of handles are now made in aluminium, and come in a variety of shapes and finishes, from brushed aluminium to chrome plated. They tend to be very durable and cheap to buy, making them a good choice when you need a lot of them. Although many high end designer ones are made in this material as it can be made in to just about any shape. You can even buy porcelain door handles in plain or patterned format, should you want opt for a traditional look. So if you are just about to make changes to your door furniture then it is a good idea to look on the Internet as there is far more there is on offer than just at your local DIY store.
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