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Design on a Hinge

by:Casen Doors     2020-04-21
When most people think of doors, only a few details tend to come into mind. The color of the door. The overall design of the door. Whether or not it has glass. And, of course, the door handle. However, there are a lot of varying details that are involved with the creation and customization of a door that you can have control over and that can really make a difference in the end. One of these details is the hinge on the door. Indeed - ask yourself the last time you actually considered door hinges. Door hinges on the wrong type of door will really stand out and appear awkward from the moment they draw in the eye. Unless, of course, your goal was to offer up a stark contrast. But this is exactly why you should consider the different hinges available. There are many to choose from, though you will find that the most reliable and traditional are the square-cornered, straight-pin hinges. They are the simplest to work with and look excellent on any door. There are also square-cornered, ball-bearing hinges that work nicely on doors that are 1-A� inches or thicker. You should take the time to choose your door first before moving onto hinges. A quality company will have hinges that are pre-finished and ready for you whether you want them on the door already or if you just need them separately. There are all sorts of different sizes and colors you can obtain: Brass - bright, dull, antique Bronze - rubbed Nickel - satin, antique Black - flat Chrome - bright, dull But if none of these choices works for what you want, you can always ask the supplier if it is possible to obtain custom order hinges. Each hinge should match your door. That is, the hinge should be able to properly handle your door's weight, and when the door opens and closes, the hinge should not get in the way and allow the door to close flush to the frame. You may find that your supplier obtains hinges from makers such as Emtek, Hager, or Rocky Mountain Hardware. Each of these is a leader in the industry, which is exactly what you want. Don't be afraid to do your homework on hinges. A poor hinge can mean problems with your door, whether it's within a few days or over time. But with the right hinge, your door will work flawlessly and look fantastic.
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