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Buying The Right Front Door Handle And Furniture

by:Casen Doors     2020-09-08
Get the right door furniture for the front door, it will pay dividends in the end. There are all sorts and types of front door furniture which are available, but it does not pay to buy cheaply as this is one area where quality is paramount. The door handle should be a strong design both as a design statement and as it is probably the hardest working handle in the house.
There are many different designs from antique door handles right through to the most modern and as the front door is the first view of any house for any visitor make sure that it is a good one. This door also needs to be secure and to be able to resist any petty criminal who wants to gain a quick entry. The door handles need be strong but not provide a good leverage point for a burglar but so do the locks, make sure that the lock is an excellent lock which will resist all attempts to pick it or use a skeleton key. The cost is high but almost all insurance companies give lower premiums if a multi lever lock is used on the outside doors, so it is well worth the effort.
Letter boxes complete the door furniture set, if one is going to be put in the door then decide where it is going to be placed. There seem to be about 3 places, lower door in the middle, about on a level with the door handle in the middle and on the side or middle of the door two thirds of the way up. Each has advantages and also disadvantages, one of the biggest problems with letterboxes is that some let through some cold draughts directly into the hall, there is a need to get a good quality one which will seal correctly.
Some of the vertical letter boxes and some of the horizontal ones are rather small in size, whilst these are less intrusive in the door they can be difficult to get the larger mail through and do damage large letters. Remember there are other options like mail boxes which can at times do a similar job but these require a separate operation to go out and collect the mail.
One of the major requirements is to examine the complete set of door furniture and make sure that each individual part is capable of doing the work required for the particular item.

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