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Benefits of Pine Doors

by:Casen Doors     2020-07-04
Pine doors are used extensively in many homes throughout the United Kingdom for very good reason. It is not only because they are relatively cost effective to produce and purchase, it is because pine is a great material for building doors with. As wood goes, pine has a lot going for it. Firstly pine trees are readily harvested from forests worldwide and it is therefore in plentiful supply. This means it is a relatively cheap wood for door manufacturers to purchase and use. It is also a soft wood rather than a hard wood and this means it is very easy to work with and thus you will find a wide range of styles of pine doors to suit a wide variety of home interiors. It is also a very popular choice for interior doors in many homes as it can be treated with a very wide variety of finishes. It can easily be painted on to with no primer required should you be in a hurry. It will also work very well when treated with any wood stain and immediately take on board the colour of the stain that is used, commonly only one treatment of wood stain is required. Or if you are wanting to give the door a more period feel you can simply wax the pine door. That is correct, you can choose not to paint it or use wood stain and opt simply to apply a specialist pine wax to the door, which over a period of time will help give it a patina of age. The wax can simply be reapplied periodically to protect the door and any marks simply buffed out. Indeed whilst being a soft wood, over time it may pick up more marks and indentations on it than a hard wood door would over the same period, however these marks will simply add to its character and charm over time. Pine doors are also considerably cheaper to purchase than hard wood doors, indeed for larger applications whereby you may want a pair of doors sitting between your lounge and dining room, as an example, a pair of pine doors costs around 170 + tax, whereas a pair of hard wood doors would cost you around double that. In addition pine doors being made of soft wood, are much, much easier to fit for the average DIY person. So when it comes to fitting new doors in your property then take another look at the benefits of pine doors today.
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