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Bassano And The Tradition of Wood Furniture

by:Casen Doors     2020-07-05
In a period in which design furniture seems to fascinate most of young and middle-aged people, there is a sizeable number of persons who still prefer classic traditionally-shaped wood furniture, instead of the geometrical forms and the cold materials of modern furniture. In Italy the leader regions in this field are Lombardy and Veneto, which respectively hedge in the techniques and the specific know-how for the realization of tub wood furniture. Traditional wood furniture shops are now living a crisis caused by the high production costs, rather than by the decrease of the demand: production costs for hand-made furniture are considerably higher than the ones of industrial furniture created by international companies. Indeed this price difference finds its explication in the customer-made production which still today is realized by professional artisans who use high-quality local tub wood (as happens in the area of Bassano del Grappa) , not any plywood or other kind of wood derivates, like the ones used by industrial furniture companies. Looking back at the past, in the city of Bassano the most ancient news regarding wood worker date back to 1175; at the end of XII century these artisans constituted a considerable part of the population and indeed in 1437 the Township recognized the corporation of wood workers, the fraglia of the 'Marangoni'. Since then the realization of wood objects and furniture grew constantly and forced Bassano to take the wood from the near groves and in particular from Vicenza area from which, thanks to the fluvial transportation of the logs on the Brenta river, it could have the necessary row material. Gradually, together with the growing of the joinery, appeared many sawmill and wood emporium, where the wood workers could supply with all the necessary for their creations. The realization of wood furniture in Bassano then dates back at least to the '500, even if it's from the '700 that in Bassano we remember technological and aesthetic innovations and the local artisans develops the stylistics characteristics which will underline their features even in the future. During the XIX century wood manufacturing continues thanks to artisans and small family businesses that work on commission making classic furniture or door.com/modern-solid-wood-doors' target='_blank'>wood doors and windows. Thanks to the handcraft tradition handed out over the centuries then, Bassano even today is one of the most important centers for the production of customer-made wood furniture, indeed in the area the manufacturing of wood and furniture employees around 10% of the total workers of the field Industry and Handicraft. Article written by Serena Rigato
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