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Casen popular wooden doors for sale high quality for house

Casen popular wooden doors for sale high quality for house

Casen popular wooden doors for sale high quality for house

Model Number
JS-5005 A
composite+solid wood inside +natural veneer
Open style
Apartment ,house,home,hotel
Quality Standard
CE,GMC,ISO,fireproof ,soundproof
Surface finish
finished ,Taiwan TAIHO painting
black or dark color ,can be customized
Standard size
850*2100*150mm (can customized)
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Product Details
In the production, Casen believes that detail determines result and quality creates brand. This is the reason that we strive for excellence in every product detail.custom interior doors is well-chosen in material selection, exquisite in workmanship, and novel in design. It is of both good appearance and high practicality. It is an eco-friendly product that doesn't contain formaldehyde. It is resistant to wear and stain and is mothproof.
Company Advantages
1. The material used in soundproof door is designed and created independently by Guangzhou Casen Door CO.,LTD.
2. soundproof door is regarded as one of the most promising wooden doors for sale to eco-friendly doors .
3. soundproof door is especially can be used to wooden doors for sale.
4. The product can be widely used in the fields of chemistry, biology, pharmacy, medicine, microelectronics, semiconductor, etc.


about 45KG/SET


about 0.23 CBM/SET


Polybag+foam board+strong cartons

Delivery time

about 35 days after deposit

Loading advices

20GP/130sets  40GP/260SETS  40HQ/310SETS

product description

Casen popular wooden doors for sale high quality for house-1

Design concept:

Doors simple and deep carve liners .It let the doors vitality .The quality of the doors are with the professional experience and advance processing equipment. We have scientific quality management system and strict style of work, so that the quality of products always maintained a high quality. Not only the wooden doors are separated, but also are decorative art.


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service advantage
  • CASEN WOOD DOOR pay high attention to after-sales service ,and we had built up after-sales service team,dedicated to the customer for product installation,commissioning,training and other services,also solve the production problems.

  • We also tell the customers how to keep in good repair for the doors .If any problem we will help them .

  • Our door inside is full ,so it is heavy enough also has a good sound insulation.

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Production Process

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Material cutting

Casen popular wooden doors for sale high quality for house-9                

Make the design

Casen popular wooden doors for sale high quality for house-10                


Casen popular wooden doors for sale high quality for house-11                

Veneer covering

Casen popular wooden doors for sale high quality for house-12                


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Company Features
1. Guangzhou Casen Door CO.,LTD has many production lines to meet higher demands from customers.
2. Guangzhou Casen Door CO.,LTD pays high attention to technology innovation and have gained achievements.
3. Looking into the future, Guangzhou Casen Door CO.,LTD will continue to focus on the soundproof door industry. Check it! By upholding the concept of wooden doors for sale, Casen strives for the sustainable development in the industry. Check it!
We're not allowed to drill in our apartment. Have been using these for years with no complaints. If your frame is too heavy, it won't work.. Make sure you follow the package directions otherwise it won't be as effective
I hung a light weight wall mirror in my wardrobe on the wall which had been leaning on the floor for several years. This was the only way to hang it and the best part is there are no holes in the wall. Will use these on framed photos now. Love love them!
works great leaves no marks
Using these to hold my 3' x 2' white board onto my wall. No problems and best of all no holes in the wall.
I love these products and it really helps make the job a lot easier....good going Command! I recommend this product to everyone I know...
U will never experience damage with this product.
I used these to hang a curtain rod bracket set and they work great!
I'm a fan of Command strips. I like the holding weight of these particular strips; and of course I like what everybody likes about Command strips - how they hold and how easy they are to remove. I really don't know what else I can say to contribute to what everybody else already knows. They're marvelous; and if you pull & stretch the tab, the strip will come right off the wall/painted surface/laminate/wallpaper/wood/etc. without damaging the surface.
Used to hang up mirror on wall in my daughter dorm and it work great, quite easy to do and is holding up great!!!!!
large strips hold better
great for hanging pictures in my apartment
Does the job
I hung up a canvas portrait in my living room
I was skeptical, but they work!
No more nails for me. I can't stand crooked pictures and these keep them in place. Been using these for years and love them.
works ok
These are great for hanging pictures leaves no holes in the wall and they really work. They were a great price too an add on item
Command Strips of any kind are always a good purchase. So many uses for them. I keep several kind on hand.
They do exactly what you command them to do.
Got these and wanted to hang pics without damaging the walls. Worked well for awhile, then in the middle of the night two fell and the glass was broken. Hung a mirror and it is still hanging well. Don't know if some are dried out too much when you get them or not, but I will not use them again for anything that I don't want broken. 50/50 chance as I see it.
Good product
Very strong.
Exactly what I needed for hanging family photos.
These work really well for heavy frames!
Work great! Delivery was quick and product was in original package.
love these things. hold well
They don't always hold. They might for a week, then they will fall off.
Work like a charm!
excellent balance and quality---however the shipping time was rather long
Short and sweet. I can definitely see where this wouldn't work for a professional, but for me, having to install a single door knob or deadbolt, it worked just fine. The holes lined up nice and neat and everything came out just as it should. Would have been nice to have some form of alignment tool for the plate on the door frame, but I made do. All in all, just what I needed.
Worked perfectly and this was a little tricky because the exterior front door had a previously installed lock with holes smaller than what today's locks typically require. That meant normal drills or hole saws were unable to be used to make the holes larger. This jig worked perfectly, was easy to set in place and use. Best of all saved bunch of money by not having to call a locksmith.
I bought this to install a door lock in a new purchased wooden door. A few points. The jig work as described and fit easily onto the door for drilling. My only concern is that care is needed because the clamp on the door is not that strong and shifting may occur while drilling. The bolt plate template is plastic and didn't work for me, the router bit could barely cut the wood. I can see this working for very soft wood doors maybe but not if the wood is hard. The hinge plate template didn't work for me either because the dept of my door was wider than the template, therefore it was unable to fit. I have many other tools so cutting the door hinge recess wasn't a problem. The bottom line is that it did the job and I am pleased.
Great kit. I would not have been able to line up the deadbolt cutout holes without it. The router tip was a great help along with the other accessories to drill out the side for the latch as well. Just make sure to get the right kit as I have a steel door and this kit was for wooden doors. The only difference being the hole saws are not rated for steel. I ended up buying another kit because it was cheaper than buying the steel hole saw on its own but made sure it was for steel doors and it worked fine (that was my fault). Just take your time and make sure you have some sharp wood chisels to work on the jamb and this kit will save you big time on calling in a door professional to install locks and other door knobs.
I will keep this review simple...This worked great..take your time and work slowely, don't rush through this or you will make a mistake..Also when you drill thru the door to make the hole for the door knob, drill about halfway thru, then do the other side this way you don't drill all the way through one side and make the door split on the other side.... If you have a old door laying around, Perfect practice on that if you feel you need to.
This tool works great. I had an old interior door I wanted to use for an exterior back door on the house. I added a ¼" on each side then needed to bore the lock larger for an exterior lock set and bore a new hole for a dead bolt. This little jig did both. It's very flimsy but if you are careful and just do not rush it, it works great. Not something I would buy if I was going to be doing a lot of this but for this project it worked fine. After drilling out the old hole larger and making a new one for the dead bolt I just used one of those stubby little sharpie markers inside the bolt throw hole to mark the right spot on the new jam and the small hole saw worked great for inletting the new jam to take the locks.
I used this to repair a door, I drilled through both solid wood and cured water putty. It's a little flimsy, but overall it works great for the price. I don't plan on using it very often, so cheap = good.
You can normally save $7-$10 per door by buying the non-drilled door. I have been slowly replacing the doors in my older house and this thing has been great. I haven't had any movement on it whatsoever, the directions are very clear cut and the hole saws keep on chugging along. I don't use the hinge cut out from this kit. I prefer to use the Ryobi hinge jig for a router that I bought from my local orange box store. I left off 1 star because the bolt plate template is plastic. Had this been a metal jig, I would have rated it 5 stars. I'm just a do-it-yourself homeowner, so I highly recommend this to other homeowners looking to save a few extra dollars. This pays for itself after 1-2 doors.
Worked great for me! Yes, some of the parts are plastic and move a little, but you have to take your time and let the tools do the work. It has held up good for me.
I have two keeshonds and NOTHING has stopped my dogs barking! We are always looking for the remotes to their bark collars around the house. We have had bark busters at our house. We have tried every single device. THIS IS THE ONLY product that has worked!!!
I used this kit to install a deadbolt on a door connecting our house to our garage, for extra security (wife won't let me get a gun). I work in IT and don't follow sports, so I fit the stereotype of not being handy so I was intimidated by the prospect of completely ruining a door, forcing me to hand in my man card for the season. Fortunately my wife and son were away for a week while I worked up the courage and fought procrastination. When the moment of truth arrived, this door lock installation kit got me through - along with a fair bit of sweat, cursing and long breaks. The Stanley chisel set I purchased coupled with this install kit secured my man card for at least 6 more months. No, my wife didn't drown me in sweet naughty love but no matter! The clack of the deadbolt is all the satisfaction I need.
Decided the 50 year or so old door knobs in the house needed to go. Had replaced the front door with a maghoney model and had used a Kwikset Austin door lever in bronze and liked the look so ordered new levers for the other 10 doors, Had a handy man install the front door and boy was I surprised when I started to install the new locks. All the doors was 1 7/8 and the new needed at least 2 1/8. Surprise an hour and a half job now became a project. Went to my contractor neighbor for alternatives and he suggested to buy a jig. Went to a brick and motar store and got this one. They had one with a built in clamp that was more than twice as much and the tool guy told me they do not sell many of those. However if you are not handy with tools or a DYI beginner it might be a good choice. No brand names but it is yellow which should tell you all you need to know. He also said another customer had problems with this kit and he had recommende a drill bit that used round sandpaper to grind bigger holes. This did not appeal as it seemed a lor of elbow grease and the potential for a mistake so went with the Irwin kit. Called my neighbot and he came over. At first we started to use a clamp but he decided we did not need. When enlarging the hole line up the tool using the smaller bit in the backplate hole and line up the jig that way. It is important to start slow until the bit has gotten a "bite" on the door and then speed up. If you have two people have one hold the jig and the other drill using two hands in case the bit siezes up. My neighbor used one hand to hold the jig and drill with one without no problems, but he is a lot more expereinced than most people will be. Drilled all the way through from one side with no problems. The bit worked very well in making precise cuts with no splinters. Solved a problem and made the installaton of the new levers less painful. Enjoy the new look of the levers and can recommend the jig for enlarging the holes. Remember this is a jig or a gruide and use as such. It in not a template. Used as a guide it is very helpful in making a tough job easier.
Review title says it all, I used this to redo the locks on 4 exterior, solid core doors. There was already ahole, but it was too small. With nothing for the pilot bit to bite into I was concerned about getting the hole drilled in exactly the right spot. No problems at all using this jig to accomplish the job. Several other reviewers commented that the jig left blue dye on the door, I did not experience this on any of my doors.
Great product & great quality! Excellent customer service as well, I definitely recommend!
Great rustic handle. Installed on interior sliding barn door
Solid, sturdy material. Easy to install. Looks great.
I love my new barn doors that I put in my girls bedroom. They are beautiful and very functional now that it allows access to the entire closet easily. The hardware is gorgeous, heavy duty and feels very strong. My doors are slightly larger than a standard door, so the heavy duty hardware is essential. Also, the fact that they customized the length to fit my opening made it possible to implement the barn doors. The product arrived in advance of the estimated shipping date and even though there was only one part missing and one part that needed to be replaced, they were eager to help and rushed me the parts quickly. I will say that the directions could be a little better but because I had a contractor installing the doors, we were able to install without issue. The room looks designer with the barn doors, I would highly recommend this product.
Very heavy
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