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JS-5011 modern interior doors,solid wood door for home use

Model Number
HDF +solid wood
Open style
swing or open
house ,hotel ,hospital ,apartment,home
Quality Standard
Surface finish
finished with painting
gray ,black ,white and etc
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      JS-5011  modern interior doors,solid wood door for home use 

      Wooden doors play an indispensable role in modern home decoration. They not only play the role of space separation in life, but also make the home more classy. It can also give us a mysterious sense of security.

    The quality of a door is related to the whole decoration effect and the safety of the whole family. A wooden door with good quality and beautiful appearance can instantly upgrade the grade of the home and add a lot of points for home decoration. Here we take a look at the essential conditions of high quality wooden doors

     1. Excellent material selection

High quality wood doors, for the selection of raw materials is very strict, not only to select the surface of the flat and straight substrate, but also to consider whether the substrate is environmental protection, health and durable.

      2. Paint well

High quality wood door with full and smooth finish. Poor quality wood door shrivel obscure, dew paint, bubble, pinhole, ripples, particles and so on more. The main reason is that the paint quality of the inferior wood door is poor, or the process equipment is not up to standard, another reason is the selection of wood veneer defects, so deliberately reduce the transparency of the coating, in order to cover up the surface of the dead node, hole, decay, discoloration, cracks and other defects.

     3. First-class production equipment

In the wood door products, the quality of the product is the basis of the whole wood door products, wood material solid wood door production experience and processing equipment, at the same time determines the quality of the wood door.

Wooden door has a scientific management system, and first-class processing equipment, and excellent core material, the combination of the two flawless, complement each other.

     4. A craftsman's heart is in his craft

The production of wooden doors is to go through a number of procedures to complete, so the production process of wooden doors directly affects the quality of wooden doors, in a sense; The production process of wooden doors determines the service life of wooden doors. The difference between wood products and other products is that wood has a certain draught rate.

Therefore, in the production process, the dehydration of wood is very important, wooden door, not only can effectively control the expansion rate of wood, so that the wooden door is more stable. The process of the wooden door is more perfect, and the processing is fine at the veneer or solid wood splicing, and the trace of combination is not visible.

      5. Heavier than Heavier

High quality wooden doors, first of all must be heavy. Because the core material of the wooden door is carefully calculated, from the selection of core material raw materials to the structure of the core material layout, are strictly selected. In this way, the wooden door is relatively thick, the strength and impact resistance are also relatively good, and the sound insulation effect will be good.

    Our CASEN wood door can match all these .

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