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MDF hotel doors ,mdf interior door JS-1013B

Model Number
MDF +solid wood
Open style
swing or sliding or open
kitchen ,study room ,balcony ,washroom ,home
Quality Standard
Surface finish
natural color or wood color
Standard size
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    MDF hotel doors ,mdf interior door can be used anwhere .Cost not higher and save money .

    MDF wood doors have many advantages :

    1, imported zero series splicing model

       With wood color flat door mainly play color, there are twenty or thirty different colors, can meet the different color needs of everyone, flat door can also do a lot of different processes, such as metal strip process, splicing process, milling process, style is very many.

     2. Modeling splicing series

      In the past, we mentioned the modeling door, all feel that only solid wood doors or painted doors can make different shapes, and now launched this cost-effective - Korean patchwork series, that is, on the basis of paint-free doors, you can make a lot of different shapes, and the whole shape can be made to achieve the same color, no stitching, and there are 30-40 kinds of color for you to choose. Not only cost-effective, but also practical and wear-resistant!

     3, paint-free wood door light luxury series

     All the door lines and doors of the light luxury series of wooden doors are multi-layer solid wood, solid wood square and bridge mechanical plate. Better water resistance, door stability is also better.

      In addition to the wooden door, there will be some wood veneer and invisible door design in the room, like the invisible door often seen in the decoration, which can usually be regarded as the background, but in fact, there is an invisible door in the middle, and all the doors can achieve the same material and color with the wood veneer, and the integrity is very strong.

     Modern wooden doors combined with the aesthetic concept of Chinese families, the fashion-forward art design, cutting-edge environmental protection technology, into healthy home products, so that customers "buy happy and worry, use the rest of the peace of mind.

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