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JS-1012B MDF hotel door bedroom doors

Model Number
MDF +solid wood
Open style
swing or open
house ,hotel ,hospital ,apartment,home
Quality Standard
Surface finish
natural color or white color ,blue color
Standard size
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      JS-1012B MDF hotel door  bedroom doors used MDF board and slid wood to make .

      MDF wood door is without paint .It has many advantage:

       1, the construction is simple, flexible, can be cutting plane can nail.
       2, through a forming, so the construction of surrounding is shorter, lots can be used.
       3, can choose different style according to individual needs, to decorate household environment.
       4, smooth surface, no paint in the air is better, no harm to human body.Has the wood texture, a variety of color changes, more modern and individual qualities and green environmental protection requirements.
       5, advanced technology, the use of foreign advanced manufacturing technology, the quality of imported raw materials to develop wenqi decorative materials, impact resistance, no spontaneous combustion. Insect-resistant eat by moth. Moistureproof. Anti-corrosion. Good maintenance. Non-toxic. Boring. No pollution, etc.
       6. Not only retained the traditional wooden doors of aesthetic and functional.Further develop and improve the safety of wooden door (no mildewy, no paint) and environmental protection safety protection (acoustic noise reduction, moist insulation, flame retardant) functionality.

       By users favor, and become the decoration profession another,MDF doors widely used in shopping malls, schools, hospitals, hotels, hotels, office buildings and home decoration, and has broad prospect of industry.
high-end, cost-effective: culmination of carbon fiber without lacquer wood door design advanced manifest, the green light of luxury, style, the market price is far less than the present popular solid wood composite door.
       Already more and more into all kinds of decoration will choose MDF doors.

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