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JS-1011B MDF interior doors ,MDF board door

Model Number
MDF +solid wood
Open style
swing or open
house ,hotel ,hospital ,apartment
Quality Standard
Surface finish
gray ,black ,white and etc
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        JS-1011B MDF interior doors  use MDF board door and Environmental protection material.

        Now MDF wood door we also call   Ecological wood door .

        Ecological wood door derived from "ecological home" a concept.Household is the key to environmental protection and health, it is higher than the specification of the "green home", not only the request of the hardware, and cultural aspects of demand, elegant harmonic coexistence between human and nature."Ecological wood door" is supposed to be an element of the "ecological home", in this sense, ecological wood door should pay attention to ecology, pay attention to the harmony of man and nature, should be a humanistic products.

       Ecological wood door have these characteristic .

        1, ecological wooden door is to use real wood or composite door after production of raw materials, processing and recycling into the plate manufacture of door, the door does not contain any toxic substances, not only is a kind of environmental health, more important is that it makes full use of the raw materials, achieved the effect of energy saving.
       2, ecological wood door in accordance with the international standard of green environmental protection, the base material performance is stable, no crack, deformation, and with the function of environmental protection, health, at the same time.Ecological wood grain technology completely according to the real wood door, the effect is very real, on the surface of wood clear and administrative levels sense, tonal and bright, not easy to fall off and discoloration.
       3 and on structure material, ecological wood door the door and the door is the high-tech aluminum, magnesium and titanium alloy materials adopt surface anodic oxidation treatment, has a certain hardness, thus the wear-resisting, withstand voltage, prevent deformation and prevent fade has certain improvement, service life is longer than the average wood door.
       4, ecological wood door panel surface has many unique style design, coloured drawing or pattern, embossing, sanding, even personalized image surface and so on, provides consumers with great freedom of choice space.

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