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Casen high-end interior wood doors for shop

Casen high-end interior wood doors for shop

Casen high-end interior wood doors for shop

Model Number
JS-5001 A
composite+solid wood inside +natural veneer
Open style
Apartment ,house,home,hotel
Quality Standard
Surface finish
finished ,Taiwan TAIHO painting
black or dark color ,can be customized
Standard size
850*2100*150mm (can customized)
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Quantity Needed:
Application Scope
custom interior doors is widely applied in fields including hotels, decoration materials, and house upgrades.Casen is able to meet customers' needs to the greatest extent by providing customers with one-stop and high-quality solutions.
Company Advantages
1. Focusing on ergonomics, the design of Casen wooden doors for sale has incorporated many elements. They are the distribution of load, weight & balance, arch support, foot proportion, etc.
2. The offered product undergoes several quality checks under the strict supervision of quality controllers.
3. Thanks to the service of interior wood doors, Casen has received much reputation since its establishment.
4. Innovation is a core competency allowing Guangzhou Casen Door CO.,LTD to form collaborative partnerships with its customers.


about 45KG/SET


about 0.23 CBM/SET


Polybag+foam board+strong cartons

Delivery time

about 35 days after deposit

Loading advices

20GP/130sets  40GP/260SETS  40HQ/310SETS

product description

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Design concept:

The weight of the life lies not in the time and quantity ,but in quality can have ,the real masters of life to the pursuit of quality of life and never compromise on safety requirement,be strict in one’s demands,and harsh,beautiful wooden doors,the details of the care is to refine on.

Hotel doors not only care about the decorative ,but also for safe for the client .

The traditional structure adopts the traditional symmetric composition rule and the simple embellishment of the symmetry center makes it the focus of the line of sight 

In our interpretation, there has been a satisfactory answer, fashionable style, excellent and trustworthy quality, let us again in many brands, become the first to love fashion, the pursuit of taste successful people.


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service advantage
  • CASEN WOOD DOOR pay high attention to after-sales service ,and we had built up after-sales service team,dedicated to the customer for product installation,commissioning,training and other services,also solve the production problems.

  • We also tell the customers how to keep in good repair for the doors .If any problem we will help them .

  • Our door inside is full ,so it is heavy enough also has a good sound insulation.

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Production Process

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Material cutting

Casen high-end interior wood doors for shop-9                

Make the design

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Casen high-end interior wood doors for shop-11                

Veneer covering

Casen high-end interior wood doors for shop-12                


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Company Features
1. Guangzhou Casen Door CO.,LTD has won wide trusts from clients as a interior wood doors manufacturer.
2. With advanced technology applied in wooden door , we take the lead in this industry.
3. The core values of Guangzhou Casen Door CO.,LTD is to create value for clients. Ask online! The goal of our company is to be a good supplier. Ask online!
I bought this for my son's second birthday. He was immediately excited to flip the doors open and closed, and he and his two older brothers still (three weeks later) like to take the animals out and switch them around. He also likes to point out the name of each animal and the sound that it makes, though he will be old for that soon enough. He does like to ask/tell me if he's putting the animal back in the right place too. It doesn't hold his attention for a long time, but he definitely enjoys it in little spurts, here and there. Overall, it's a cute toy that I would buy again. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is that the animal magnets some times get stuck under a layer of wood that curves in, underneath the doors. It doesn't seem to bother my boys too much though. It actually happens to me more often than it does to them, and I can still get them out without TOO much trouble... so it's really not a big deal.
Great Value
It worked out great for a very large sliding door.
Reasonable shipping...comes with nails and washers :-)
Well made, only issue was with the connecting link between the two sections of the guide rail. Press nuts failed when torqueing the bolts. I had to use my own bolts, nuts and washers. The rollers move very smoothly, and the door hardware is very solid. (Most importantly, the wife loves the doors!)
There are many options available for barn door guides. What made these different was the recessed nuts that hold the stops. This allowed the bracket to sit flat on the floor. I used other longer screws.
Just what I needed
Loved the handles. Sellers were great and very fast to respond. Very good experience.
These strips are basically like velcro - you clean the surface to mount on - attach the strips - wait a few minutes - let the adhesive set - and your are ready to go. Installation is simple - if you mess it up - get extras so you can do it again. removal is simple as with all command products. Each strip will notionally hold about four pounds - so putting four strips on heavier items makes it not only secure, but safe. Smaller/lighter items can be attached with a single pair or two.
We love these things for hanging pictures and mirrors. They work great and come off easy. When buy in bulk on Amazon you can't beat the price.
I purchased these to hang stuff on the walls of our apartment. They work great. I would suggest always getting Large though. We purchased medium size from somewhere else and they would not hold up. These large work excellent though.
I've been using these when hanging pictures that are frameless. For instance dry mounted (glued) photos to foam core board or styrene work well with this method. I just put a block of styrofoam on the back side of the foam core and then glue the styrofoam to the foam coare. I think use these to mount it on the wall. Because of the plastic 'fingers' associated with these, they hold the picture more securely than velcro. Repositioning them is tough though, you pretty much have to remove them and then push them back. We will see if they hold up to humidity over time.
I LOVE command strips they are literally holding up everything in my home that needs to be held up. These strips have been holding up a somewhat heavy mirror for months with no suggestion that they'll fail anytime soon.
Buy this if your renting and want to keep your deposit! No need for nails damaging walls anymore, these really do hold up and super easy to use!
Well constructed and very aesthetically pleasing. The colors are fun and bright. The kids love the puzzle. It's very fun to find where each animals "lives"
Does the job.
Grandson loves it.
Great puzzle
Love these things
Used it to attach magnet plate on the refrigerator door which opens and closes frequently. This 3M product does it what it promises.
I ordered reading the title, which says that they are white strips. They are in fact black as the picture shows. Please update title to ensure accuracy. Otherwise the product is great
There one of the best if not THE best when it come to put a poster or painting on the wall
These are the best for anything, seriously!
These are nice quality door stops but no matter how hard I push them in, it will not hold the door in place if someone gives it a slight push. It could be because of my tile, not sure. I wouldnt give it 5 stars but it doesn't deserve 1 either.
Works perfectly
Great product & fast shipping.
it holds only one door open at a time...
Anything "Command" is wonderful, as far as I am concerned. They are so easy to use, don't harm the walls (you can remove them easily, even though they hold strong) and I use them for everything,. If you clean the area with alcohol before using, let it dry and then apply as the instructions tell you, you will fall in love with them too. Hooks for in the shower...great. Plates and pictures? Wonderful. Anything you can imagine, these will hold!
Love these command strips! They are so sturdy and come off so easy without damage. Great price too
These are great to hold my lights on the wall, unfortunately I will not be using this for my mirror because I'm scared it will not hold. Overall this is a great product!
I used these to hang 27x40 movie posters in my basement. I followed all instructions, the frames weigh less than 5 lbs, etc - but several did not stay up. Using a crafty glue gun worked better than these strips...and is cheaper to use as well. My other experience using these 3M strips (for outside x-mas lights) led to the same result = glue gun.
nice price than we have local but does not stick to my walls
Fabulous - use them to hang all my pictures holes in wall and easy to relocate and change up décor without having to repaint.
Great product
I love these things. They are perfect for my photo walls. No nails needed.
Love the idea....hang your pictures without holes in the walls. Gave it four stars instead of five, as two of my pictures fell off...and not due to excessive weight. Maybe I didn't clean the frame well enough before applying, or maybe the adhesive was lacking. Three held wonderfully, two fell.
I've never been disappointed in a 3M product yet. I'm expecting it to do what it is suppose to do.
Command picture hangers work incredibly well on frames of all sizes and weights. They are easy to stick and hold beautifully.
Product came as advertised. Great service
No kidding, I've hung drapes with these things before! If you follow the instructions given, they will hold beautifully, but they are tested and rated for a certain maximum weight. Should this be exceeded, I don't imagine they will work very well for you, but they DO sell similar items for heavier weights. Happy Decorating!
In my experience, 3M makes the best adhesive products. If you follow the directions, they will generally do whatever the package says they'll do. These COMMAND LARGE PICTURE HANGING STRIPS (14 Pairs, White (PH206-14NA)) consist of adhesive-backed Velcro. For them to hold framed pictures effectively, without dropping the pictures, you must use enough of them to carry the total weight of the framed pictures. Two pairs of Large strips are necessary to secure an 8-lb. picture; four pairs are needed for a 16-lb. picture. You must remove any hanging hardware from the picture; clean the wall and frame area; apply the appropriate number of strips to the picture frame and position it on the wall; peel the picture off the wall; press down on the strips for 30 seconds; wait one hour for the adhesive to achieve its maximum “hold”; and then reattach the picture to the wall. After that, your picture should hold on the wall as expected. If possible, I always use something like these strips for hanging pictures, clocks, etc., to avoid putting nail holes in the wall. However, if I have something really heavy to hang, I get someone to install it professionally with wall anchors, or with hangers nailed to the studs. There are limits to the amount of weight that adhesives can support, especially if the adhesives—like these—can be easily removed without wall damage. I like these Velcro strips much better than the putty-type hanging squares. They’re nicer-looking, and easier to install.
I have bought many of the 3M Command products over the years and have found them to be very strong and effective for hanging things to walls w/out any damage. I do have a gripe about this particular product though b/c I have used its predecessor (which seems to be no longer produced since I can't find it on Amazon or any other major retailer) where it is a small "hook" at the top for hanging pictures... that product worked great for photos but had a 5 lb limit. I bought these to use for my photos (from a big box retailer) and was initially excited about the increase in weight limit of what it could hold up. BUT UNFORTUNATELY, with this new design of only strips (w/out the plastic hook part) THERE IS A CATCH... this only works IF THE BACK OF YOUR FRAME HAS THICK SIDES. If you have a modern/contemporary frame (like the Gallery Frames at Pottery Barn which are popular now style wise), this doesn't work b/c there is no surface area on the back of that frame to stick this to. And if you think you can stick this in the middle on the backing, it doesn't work that way... it needs to be on the frame due to the depth difference between the frame and the backing. You have to have a hook for these types of frames. Unfortunately, while I don't doubt that this performs well for the frames with enough surface area on the sides, I wish they had kept the other model where there is a physical hook b/c that would not limit the types of frames that these can be used.
Great hammer. I have not used it as much as I would like to but you can tell it is high quality
holds everything
I am using these to hang a full length mirror from the back of a door. Command strips really are as good as they are cracked up to be!
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