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Sanya internatinal hotel

      This is old project  ,total 850 pcs doors .The client search us from internet .This is famous is sanya city .Firstly ,Mr. Zhang in charge of this project he called to our factory ,our domestic sales talked with him on phone .He wanted the economic design can save money for the project .

      So our sales gave him the probable price,he was interested in ,then add the QQ to talk ,send the client some designs ,ask their request,size ,they communicated very well .Zhang wanted to see our factory ,we booked the hotel for him ,picked him up from the airport .He wanted to talk with our general manager in order to get the lower price .

      Our manager talked with him all the details,after all confirmed ,the last is the price . Manager explained to him ,we are factory we know all the cost ,each sales give the price is the same ,he only can give him support is his bonus ,he can give up this time just like friend .At Last reached an agreement.

     In the next 2 years,he also have another project need our doors ,but the price is higher than before ,  but we explain to him the material rise the price ,the woker’s salary increase,he can understand this and accept it .

     Now he is our long-term partner.

    Design as below :


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