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Saudi Arabia hotel

      The pictures from Mohammed who is from Saudi Arabia .

      He finds us in our shop ,the translater takes him come to us.

Middle East people buy the things ,care about the price and quality ,they will be very carefully ,so they must go around many markets ,and compare again and again .

He like our doors very much,but the price can not accept .He says to us before his friend cheated by someone ,change the material for him .So he worries about it.

      We take him to our factory to visit for his doubt ,After he checks all the process ,he lay down the guard , then we explain it to him .We are honest factory ,we will not change the material for the client ,we only do the same as our sample .We are a big factory ,we must keep our reputation ,we make the business not one day ,not one people ,we must keep long way ,want more and more clients to come ,we want to enlarge the whole market in the world .

      In order to make sure for him ,we promise to him ,after the goods ready he can come to check it .He thinks this is good for him .

      And he places the order ,last he gets the good doors he wants .He is nice to us ,says next time he will introduce clients to us .

      In fact,he really does .Thanks for him and his support .

 The design as follows :


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