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sanya qingshuiwan hotel

       This is a project in Foshan ,in China .Totally 35 pcs villas .Main double door 35 pcs ,room door 630 pcs.

The developers want to decorate the house then sell it .In china ,the villa is very expensive .So inside decoration must top grade,unless people can not bear the cost .All the things must be higher quality ,must be suited to the villa .

       The developer principal comes to visit our factory ,then choose the main door ,the room door in our showroom .For the main door they choose solid wood wood from Africa,because this wood is steady .when whether changes it is not easy to change the deformation.  It is with flowers that looks elegant ,luxurious .The exquisite and vintage decoration ,like the Louvre in Paris,is permeated with exquisite beauty of lasting appreciation .Brilliant and exquisite .The doors need hand made ,so must more time and professional ,good polishing and good painting ,then the doors will looks very nice ,the painting will be full gloss.

       For the inside door ,they choose HDF doors with craft liner can save money than the solid wood .Though the price is not low ,they can accept ,they see the finish doors in our factory room ,so they believe us we can do it well.Because of the project rate of progress ,we make the contract of two parts ,one for main door ,one for room door .Also install them for separate time.  

       During the production time ,they come to check the quality ,after some room doors ready ,they come to check again .They think everything goes well ,then produce the rest .

After they finish the installation ,they are well-pleasuring.

       They promise to us when next time have project will find us again .

       Design as follows:



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