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American Sheraton hotel


      This client find us from Alibaba,that time they need to find the supplier for the doors .They find three factories in china from the internet . They want to come to China check .

      Our factory is the third one .After visit our factory and see our factory room ,see the production process ,see the finish goods .They say directly to us :we want to cooperate with you ,but please make a sample first .They choose the design with stainless steel line,this need more time than the simple design .In one week ,we finish the sample for them to check .After they confirmed .We make promise make the goods very good ,even the quantity is big ,even the time is limited .They say they have about 1200 pcs doors ,we show the England project to him ,during that time we have many orders to do ,we discuss the delivery time with him,At last we make a commitment give them the goods 2 months .And last we really keep the time and keep the quality ,he ask his friend in China to check the goods carefully before shipping .

       This is a very good advertisement in USA.,because it is international hotel ,most people know it .

During the installation ,they face some problems ,they call us and we give them suggestions .In the end everything is successfully .They are very satisfied .

Thanks for them feedback the pictures ,also thanks them believe us .

        In the future we will do it better .


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