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Malaysia Villa

      This project all the doors design made by designer Alina ,she is our friend for many years ,she takes the client come to our factory .The client is old man ,he is very strict with the quality ,he likes the doors with many flowers ,the flowers all made by hand ,it is difficult to polish and painting ,need much more time .The cost is much higher than the common one .So the price is higher ,at first the client can not accept the price ,then we show him the material ,and take him to check the door how to produce in the factory room .When he sees it is really hard to produce ,he can understand it .But still cut some price ,and also ask us to keep the same quality .But give us enough time to make it ,after all this is by hand .

      We explain to him,let him don not worry about it .Once we accept the price we will do the same quality for the client .Otherwise we will not make the deal.We are honest factory ,will not cheat the client .

      This is our purpose and principle .

      When the doors arrived ,he is very happy for his decision .He says if friend needs the goods he will introduce for us .

      Alina has the project will introduce to us ,she says quality also very important for her ,otherwise she can not account for her client. 

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