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British apartment

We know Yossi in 2014 from Exhibition who makes many apartments to sell .He has a big company in England for building .He is very low profile. When he comes to our booth,he just look around say no words .When he stand near a white flat door he touch it and see it very carefully then ask us how much .After we familiar with each other ,he says he will not waste time when he does not interested in the products ,even not go to the booth .

He said the most important is in his country all the doors must be firerated ,must have the fire-proof certificate.All the requirement we have ,so we can go to the next step .

After he got price he wanted to visited our factory ,he checked the all process of the production ,every process he checked very carefully and take pictures ,check the veneer ,even some rare veneer he also knows .And the painting the polish he asked how many times ,he can know the different of the solid wood and HDF ,the difference of the design ,the cost of the wood .He is very professional ,so we get a high pressure to talk with him .If we make a mistake he will think we are not professional ,so the whole course we highly centralized to talk with him.

 But he is a nice man .so also good to communicate.About the price we really made a long time to talk about the price ,he wants the good quality but the price not higher .For this problem we talked about one hour just like on the court .Last we made a agreement .

Because it is the first time cooperate ,he still a little worry about the quality ,and the delivery time .So the first order just 256 pcs .But keep our promise ,give he the order on time .After he the goods and install it ,He called us back ,he said evrything is ok.In the future we are his door supplier .

 At once he gave us another order 560 pcs the same design as before .

In 2015 ,he made an order 1080 pcs ,but different design in different place ,we make the draw and PI for him ,confirm the lock hole ,the details of the doors .He paid for the money ,not come again .When he get the goods also will tell us .

       In 2016 ,he placed 1250 pcs doors white color and gray coloragain.

       In 2017,he placed 1850 pcs doors white color again.

       In 2018 ,he placed 3560 pcs doors gray color again .

Each year the quantity in increasing .We are now like the friends ,we trust each other very much .This is what we want for us ,he is good, we are good .

This customer cooperate with us for 5 years ,he is very satisfied with our products and our service,from the first time 256 pcs doors one time to now more 2000 pcs one time ,we make more tacit understanding for each other .I believe we will cooperate for a long time .

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