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Bahrain totel

        This client from Bahrain who makes the project in local find us from the market .He takes the engineer ,designer , interpreter with him.He wants the fireproof doors for the apartment use .He first checks the sample and the price in the market .Our sales according his requirement to give him price and explain professionally,also give him some suggestions ,so he is very interested in us .After he check around the market ,he comes to our shop and wants to check our factory ,then take him to visit our factory .

        After he see the factory ,he takes all the drawings out and talk with us the details ,in total 425 pcs fire rated doors .Each door write the exactly size ,the fire rated time ,the design ,and give us the color he wants.  Then we confirm the drawing one by one ,and calculate all the money .Every time this is the very important step for both of us ,the price will affect the future cooperation .So we need to cut our profit ,but on base for keeping the the same quality.

       We bargaining for a long time ,in order to enlarge the market in Bahrain ,we make a small step and at last we get the price we agree.He says after the goods finish the interpreter will come to check the the goods ,we accept .He gives us 50% deposit ,we make the production .

      The client get the doors happily when he finish then feedback to us.

     After two years he comes to us again because he have new project .

     We  believe we will work well in the future .

     Design as fllows:


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