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Casino China

      This is a project from casino in China .

      It is a famous place in Guangzhou ,because people have many pressures ,especially for the wan .Daytime they need to work hard ,in the evening or weekend ,they like to ask some brothers together to drink ,play mahjong ,or singing ,this is the way for them to relax.Because at home their have children ,they must be a good father ,so their will choose this place .

      So each room must be independent ,must be keep noise out .They can have their own space .They also need  glasses on clear glass on the door ,this is the necessary request in China ,because it is the government required .So the glass must be special need to keep the noise out .Also need high quality of the whole effect .This will make the people good mood .Also the door is high ,we make the window head of the door ,also the affect is good.

      After he says need this request ,we know how to do it .

     We make the door thinker ,make it 6cm of the door thickness ,also put the noise waterproof material inside of the door ,also put anti-collision strip with noise waterproof ,so the door is good in this place.

     First we make as mple within 3 weeks ,then install it .They check it is really can keep the noise out .

      After install it ,they believe us and place the order ,total 168 pcs rooms .We also install the doors for them .

     They feel satisfied of our doors ,in the future if they need the doors will find us.


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