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Guide to Wooden Doors

by:Casen Doors     2020-05-23
A door.com/wooden-door' target='_blank'>wooden door can add a classic or vintage touch to your house. It is one of the oldest structures in human history. You can find it in several types such as alder, oak, cherry, timber and mahogany. You can customize a wood variety according to your budget including functional and architectural requirements. Wood adds a certain type of appeal to your overall impression of your house. It is also a practical and reliable choice. You should learn your options to make sure you make a good choice, regardless of where you want to put it. Hollow Core Doors This type of door features a frame covered with a layer of wood or veneer on both sides. You can find solid timber strips along its edges. The rigidity of the door comes from the supports in between the face veneers. Face veneers often come in the form of varnished or painted plywood. Different in-fills add more durability to the hollow core doors. The most widely used type of in-fill is a cardboard honeycomb. You have to position a solid timber area at a particular height on one door side. You will use this to place the lock and handle. Hollow core doors are more affordable compared to most solid wood doors. They are also lighter and more convenient to install. One disadvantage is they cannot absorb sound as effectively. Flush Doors Flush doors feature thin sheets of hardwood veneer on top of solid core of particle board, fibreboard or wood. The veneer is useful in preventing the door from warping and stabilizing it. You can enhance these face veneers through use of decorative panels. You can find two kinds of cores used mostly in flush doors. These include stile and rail core and a continuous or wood-stave block core. A wood-stave core features vertical low-density wood strips. A stile and rail core, on the other hand, consists of wood blocks glued inside the stiles and rails. This is more reliable compared to wood stave. It is also does expand as much. Panel Doors Panel doors are also popular as stile and rail doors. These feature a series of solid wood panels available in a range of sizes and shapes. You can find the panels arranged parallel next to each other. Panel doors also have grooved frames accompanied by thinner panels of oak, pine, beech or mahogany. You can install moldings to make sure the panels stays in place. The number and size of panels will rely on your needs including the size of the door you need. These days, the most common type of panel wooden doors is four-panels. Lited Doors You call 'lited' doors as such because they have inset glass panels. There are lited doors with either interior or exterior openings. Examples include office doors or patio doors. You will often encounter carpenters or manufacturers calling doors lited doors based on how many glass panels they have.
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