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Guangzhou apartment

This is 350 pcs flat doors for the hotel in Guangzhou .The client search our website and find us .They know much about us from website .After they visited our factory they get the the confidence when they see our factory show room ,the process of the production ,the finishing of the doors .First they confused which design and color will be better .They choose many designs ,no modern ,no good for the hotel.We give them some suggestions .In the future everything is simple will be in time .They are doubt our opinion .Also for the color a little gray ,they think it is not nice ,we explain white ,black ,gray color is the best and fashion for the wood doors for the apartment and hotel. We discussed for a long time .

In order to make sure they believe us we can do it well and the color is good ,we made a sample for checking.After they saw the sample they fell surprised about it .Simplicity is beauty .

On that day we make the contract .And make all the doors .We use 35 days to finish it. Then arrange to transport to site. After achieving the installation .Everything goes well .The door is thickness enough can keep the noise outside .It is reach their demand.In China we also have one year warranty for the free service .

This project is the first time we cooperate with them .But they trust us.Because we are professional

The design as below :

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