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Elizabeth beauty salon

Elizabeth beauty salon is famous organization for woman face-lifting ,facial care and massage in big city of China.It has a long history in this area .It has many multiple shops in different city.They are very serious about the product they used and service .Even about the hardware equipment they also pay attention to.In the beauty salon doors can not be neglected ,on the behalf of the image must be clear and easy ,beautiful .

The functionary of this project choose 5 factories as an alternative ,he visited all the factories and inspected them ,after he visited all ,he is very interested in us .Because our white color doors finishing is perfect.He said in our factory we have ability to control the color ,not only white color painting need high requirement of the people who polish ,painting ,especially the clear environment .The surface of the paint is smooth with good plumpness ,with no chromatic difference .

At last they choose the pure white color flat design ,more than 200 pcs doors ,we produced one month to finished.We arranged the professional workers to install it .About 7 days they finished .They checked ,everything worked well .Just a little problem the workers can repaired .

They are very satisfied.Next time they will cooperate with us again.Even this is a small project we still tried our best to do it well.This is our attitude .



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