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Apartment England


     This client introduced by Yossi (our old client) in 2016 ,also make the project ,like apartment and hotel .

     He went to Yossi’s project to check the goods ,and he thinks it is good quality .And he come to China to visit our factory then decide cooperate with us .He likes the oak color of the door and the frame is gray color .He thinks this will be have some features ,because the apartment will sell to the young people.The first time he place an order for 468 pcs doors .We give you the goods on time.We also find a good forwarder for him ,he says it is cheaper than he find .He is very happy of this .

     After they get the goods and install ,it is really nice .He says the oak veneer opening painting it is really fine.

Usually after we ship the goods to customers we will send the packing list to the client . One month later ,we will ask them if they get the goods ,all the package is ok or not ,remind them to check the total quantity ,sometimes the workers load off the goods will make mistake when the goods arrive ,sometimes missing ,so they need to check ,if missing they can find it immediately .If for long time it is hard to find .

     Also not only for the project but for the housing use ,we will put the size ,the room no and the client’s name on the package ,when they get it they can find it easy.This is our service we have enough patience and circumspection.


Design like below:

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