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You Can Choose From a Wide Range of Coloured PVC Doors

by:Casen Doors     2020-07-06
The front door to a house often creates the first impression in someone's mind regarding the homeowner and this is why it is important to have an attractive front door to your home. Regarding doors east Leeds has some lovely examples of the types of doors Leeds has to offer, including coloured PVC doors and coloured PVC frames. More and more homeowners today are turning to PVC composite doors for their external doors. Whether as a front doors or a rear entrance, composite exterior doors have many qualities that together contribute to their popularity. They can be moulded into virtually any design and look good. The outer skin of most composite doors is made from GRP (glass reinforced polyester), which can take on the appearance of a traditional wooden door, but with none of the drawbacks that would come from using natural timber. They require very little maintenance other than an occasional wipe down and will never splinter, rot, chip or rust. Even the paint job will stay looking great for as long as you have the door, as the colour continues right through the skin. Side and top windows There is usually a selection of matching PVC side panels to go with your new door. They will match perfectly in colour, style and you can have your letterbox in the side panel if you wish. Cat flaps A composite back door is the perfect choice if you need a cat flap fitted and many companies offer a cat flap fitting service where they can fit your cat flat to any PVC door with a solid flat PVC panel at the bottom or glass. Environmentally friendly design Composite doors also offer fantastic thermal efficiency, thanks to their high insulation foam core, twin seal threshold and reinforced PVC frame. This in turn can lead to lower energy bills, and can help your household to become more environmentally friendly. You will also be doing your bit for the environment since most companies recycle all manufacturing waste from their composite doors, as well as using recycled materials in the construction of some components. Composite front doors provide a high level of security, thanks to their sturdy construction, and most doors feature full face hinge and lock plates.While their functionality is undeniable, composite doors have a certain style and elegance about them. Most ranges covers a dozen different attractive designs, each of which can be customised further with a choice of colours, glazing options and hardware. Many companies offer composite doors Leeds and elsewhere which are fully made to measure and are available in a vast range of different designs, colours and styles. The doors offer a great maintenance-free alternative to a timber door and have a life expectancy of around 25 years. As you drive around you can get a good idea as to the various styles and colours on offer and then get some estimates from different companies to see what a difference you could make to the front of your home.
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