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What Are Composite Garage Doors and Why You Should

by:Casen Doors     2020-05-16
Garage doors are a necessity of almost every home and their elegance increases the outer beauty of a home as well. In the last few decades, people mainly used wooden doors for their carports that were later replaced by the decorative or plain panels. But now the trend has changed and these days most of the people are using composite garage doors that are made from different materials. If you are thinking of buying a new garage door because the present one is not good enough and needs excessive repairing then you can install one of these doors that come with lifetime warranty. What are Composite Doors? The term composite refers to a blend of different materials having different properties. These doors are made of recycled wood fibers and polystyrene insulation. The recycled compressed wood ensures the durability and expanded polystyrene insulation makes the doors more energy efficient. The exterior skin of the door is composed of a combination of urethane and cellulose fibers that provide resistance against rotting and cracking and the damage from moisture. These doors come in different designs and colors that make them more appealing to the customers. You may not be able to paint the wooden door but these composite garage doors are available in a range of colors. You can even match them with the color theme of your home. Now there is no need to have those heavy and difficult to maintain wooden doors. Benefits Here are a few more benefits of composite garage doors. A composite garage door is fitted with high quality locking system to maximize the security and safety of your garage and home Unlike the old wooden doors, these doors never require painting and you never need to worry about their maintenance They are designed in such a way that they can withstand even the heaviest of rainfalls There is no problem of color fading; the color stays the same throughout their life They are eco-friendly (made of recycled wood) Better insulation properties More customizable and more versatile Limited lifetime warranty There are many reasons that make these composite doors more preferable choice as compared to the wooden doors. The valuable plus points includes affordability, durability and reliable performance. As these gates are difficult to bend, there are less chances of deformation. There is no such pre-defined structure hence they can be designed according to the needs of every customer. If you are reluctant to replace your wooden garage door with these then it is to ensure you that a composite door has all the properties of a wooden door. It consists of wooden structure that is covered with composite material and looks more appealing to the eyes. Moreover, it is the most cost-effective alternative to the traditional wooden doors as you do not have to spend a lot of money in maintaining these. The composite doors give you the durability along with superior quality and more options that you cannot find in any other door type. If you are someone who likes DIY projects then you can install them yourself and can have fun. You will need some extra skills and tools to perform this task. A� 2010 Usman Shahid
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